Prenatal Education & Classes

Having a baby is one of life's most joyous events, but it can also be overwhelming. The choices you make now will affect your baby's health long after birth. The road to childbirth and parenting is full of physical, emotional and social changes. The more you know before your baby is born, the better prepared you will be to face these challenges.

We offer a series of informative prenatal classes taught by certified instructors. Classes are designed to help you prepare for pregnancy, delivery, and the arrival of your baby.

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Prenatal Classes

Maternity Tea

Expectant mothers in their first trimester, their partners, and those who are considering starting a family tour the Beginnings Maternity Center, meet our staff, and become acquainted with our programs.

Birthing Classes

Expectant parents between 29 and 34 weeks of pregnancy are encouraged to attend. We focus on labor and delivery, including possible complications, and your partner’s role as your coach. The fee is $75 per couple for a series of three weekday classes and $100 per couple for an all-day Saturday class.

Doctors Night

Discuss pain management options during labor with an anesthesiologist. Review the labor and delivery process with an obstetrician. Learn from a pediatrician what to expect after your baby is born. Tours of the Beginnings Maternity Center will be available before and after each class.

Cesarean Birth Night

We recommend that all expectant parents attend this class since many Cesarean births are unplanned. We provide information on why Cesarean births may occur, what to expect during surgery, and how to recover afterward. Tours of the Beginnings Maternity Center will be available before and after each class.

Becoming a Big Brother/Big Sister

Two classes provide age-appropriate information to prepare children, ages 3 to 5 and ages 6 to 10 for the arrival of a new baby. Children learn about Mom’s hospital trip, what a new baby is like, things babies can and cannot do, ways to help and safety around newborns. A tour of Beginnings Maternity Center is designed especially for the new Big Brother or Big Sister. Fee: $20 per family.

Breastfeeding Education

This course answers your questions about breastfeeding and helps you better understand one of the most nurturing experiences you’ll have as parents. Fee: $25 per couple.

Breastfeeding and Working

Prepare for the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding and working. Learn about pumping, how to store milk, and practical tips for managing this busy lifestyle. Fee: $25 per couple. A $10 discount will be given if you take Breastfeeding Education and the Breastfeeding and Working class.

Your Newborn Baby

This course is designed to help guide parents during the newborn period and into the first year of child rearing. You will learn about routine care, developmental milestones, and special concerns. Fee: $25 per couple.

Infant CPR Anytime™

The Friends and Family Infant CPR program teaches the basic skills of infant CPR and relief of choking in just one hour. A DVD shows CPR being taught and performed. Certified instructors use special infant mannequins to teach current American Heart Association lifesaving techniques. Attendees practice skills under the gentle guidance of the instructors. Fee: $15 per person or $25 per couple.

For dates and times of upcoming Prenatal Programs call 484-628 HELP(4357) or go to our Classes and Events Page.

Class sizes are limited. We recommend registering early.

Financial Assistance for Classes

Financial assistance is available. Many health benefit plans cover the cost of prenatal education. Check with your benefits provider for details.

For more information or to register, call 484-628-HELP (4357).