Newborn Medicine

At Beginnings Maternity Center at Reading Hospital, you benefit from a compassionate and highly trained medical team that maintains a caring and supportive environment for babies and families. 

We work closely with parents to keep them informed and involved in their newborn's health and wellness.

Comprehensive Newborn Care

When your little one arrives, he or she will have the best care in the most capable hands, ready to welcome them into the world.

Our team provides your baby with comprehensive care to ensure health and wellness upon delivery. If complications arise during delivery, or after that baby arrives, our team of neonatologists in our Level 3 NICU is ready to help.

Newborn Tests

Routine tests will follow birth to ensure your baby has the appropriate responsiveness and vital signs, such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing and oxygen levels
  • Color
  • Activity and muscle tone
  • Reflex responses

If your obstetrician and delivery team find any inconsistencies, you and your child will receive the appropriate care for follow-up. Your doctor will also measure and weigh the baby for documentation. Blood may also be drawn to diagnose any potential conditions.

What to Expect With a Newborn

After birth, your baby will take some time to adjust to the new world. He or she will likely cry, sleep, and learn to feed. Our breastfeeding support services will assist you with learning how to breastfeed and how to teach the baby to latch.

Post-partum Recovery Care

At Beginnings Maternity Center, you'll share a room with your baby, allowing you to sleep better and be more at ease. Bonding time is essential and at Reading Health, we make sure new mothers and new babies have the needed time together.

Should you need additional accommodations, please let us know to ensure you have a safe, healthy recovery.