CenteringParenting groups take place through the first one to two years of a child’s life. The groups include six to eight families and meet every one to three months for two hours. A pediatric nurse practitioner or pediatrician and a nurse are part of every CenteringParenting group. During the group meetings, extra time is set aside for the group members to socialize with one another and learn about child development and parenting.

CenteringParenting visits begin with individual well-child health assessments, immunizations, and developmental screenings that follow nationally recognized guidelines. In group, moms also monitor their own health goals and address key topics including stress management, nutrition and weight, and family planning.

Why should I choose CenteringParenting?

  • Additional time with your baby’s care team creates an extra opportunity to screen for developmental milestones and address health concerns, leading to earlier intervention and referrals.
  • Groups offer you the opportunity to share questions and experiences with the care team and other families and get their feedback.
  • Groups include fun, interactive activities on topics such as self-care, safe sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, early literacy, child development, and safety.
  • Families often find comfort in knowing they are not alone. The group setting builds friendships and offers a support system.
  • Centering families will receive all of their group dates and times at once for easy planning.
  • Centering groups are held in a room dedicated to the program, so families can avoid having to wait in the waiting room.

Groups are formed monthly. Call the Reading Hospital Children’s Health Center at 484-628-5437 for more information or to join a CenteringParenting group.