Medical Weight Loss

If you are overweight with a weight-related condition or are obese, medical weight loss may be right for you.

Medical weight loss at the Weight Management Center at Reading Hospital is a comprehensive program to help you lose weight and maintain weight loss.

How does medical weight loss work?

The program uses a combination of customized meal plans and nutritional guidance, as well as medication when needed.

On average, patients lose 10% of their weight with the use of medication alone. Medication combined with diet and exercise will improve your weight loss.

Personalized Program

Medical weight loss programs are personalized to your metabolism, physical composition, and health profile. Complications or existing conditions, like diabetes, are considered with the help of your weight loss team, who'll ensure you have the proper nutrition that still meets your goals.

Is medical weight loss covered by insurance?

Insurance may cover your medical weight loss program and additional support services. Weight Management Center representatives will work with your insurance company to determine your coverage before you are seen at the office.

Your Weight Loss Team

You'll work closely with Weight Management Center medical teams on your journey, including:

  • Bariatricians – Doctors who specialize in treating obesity and weight conditions
  • Dietitians – Experts specializing in diet and nutrition
  • Nurses – Supportive teams providing additional patient care for weight loss and weight management
  • Psychologists – Specialists who provide mental health support and counseling services during and after weight loss

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