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The answers to the Quiz questions are:

Question 1

Which of the following are benefits of surgical weight loss (check all that apply)?

  • Less back, knee, hip and foot pain (Able to be more active with friends and family)
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Freedom from fear
  • All of the above

Answer: All of the above. Many patients have less back, knee, hip and foot pain, are able to be more active, have an increased peace of mind and are free from fear related to their disease

Question 2

Select TWO benefits of surgical weight loss

  • Improvement in diabetes
  • Long-term success rate = 20%
  • I can eat as many calories as I want after surgery
  • Improvement in high blood pressure

Answer: The answer is improvement in diabetes and high blood pressure. Long term success rate for these surgeries is about 80% and it’s important to follow a healthy eating plan after surgery.

Question 3

True or False: After weight loss surgery, I can eat anything I want and I don’t have to exercise.

Answer: False. Surgery is a tool, where the best result is achieved through proper nutrition and regular exercise.

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