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The answers to the Quiz questions are:

Question 1

True or False: You will feel more hunger after a gastric bypass operation.

Answer: False. Most patients no longer feel hungry after weight loss surgery.

Question 2

True or False: Gastric bypass is a good surgery to resolve diabetes.

Answer: True, the gastric bypass is a good surgery to help resolve diabetes, especially in those who have had diabetes for less than 5 years.

Question 3

Which surgical weight loss procedure can cause “dumping”?

Answer: Gastric bypass surgery has a biofeedback mechanism known as dumping syndrome when a patient eats too many carbohydrates. This biofeedback can produce unpleasant symptoms to help a patient avoid overeating carbohydrates.

Question 4

The following are advantages of a gastric sleeve:

  • No re-routing of the intestine
  • Less concern about vitamins and calcium
  • No adjustments necessary
  • Weight loss similar to gastric bypass
  • All of the above

Answer: All of the above are advantages to the gastric sleeve operation.

Question 5

True or False: I may experience heartburn and/or reflux after a gastric sleeve.

Answer: True. The gastric sleeve operation may make symptoms of heartburn or reflux worse.

Question 6

Which surgical weight loss procedure results in the highest amount of weight loss?

Answer: Duodenal Switch has the highest amount of weight loss at approximately 90% of excess weight.

Question 7

The following are reasons to consider a duodenal switch:

  • Higher weight
  • Advanced diabetes
  • “Failure” of other procedures
  • Fear of obesity recurrence
  • All of the above

Answer: All of the above. The duodenal switch is not an operation for everyone, but may be a good option for patients with higher weight, advanced diabetes, failure of other procedures, or a fear of obesity recurrence.

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