Falls Free® Initiative

Berks County Falls Free CoalitionThe newly formed Berks County Falls Free Coalition (BCFFC) is partnership among the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, Berks County Area Agency on Aging, and the National Council on Aging that is dedicated to the prevention and reduction of falls and fall related injuries in older adults residing in Berks County and surrounding areas with a focus on comprehensive senior adult wellness.

The mission of the BCFFC is to keep older adults healthy by promoting an active lifestyle while helping manage chronic medical conditions through the implementation of evidence-based falls prevention and chronic disease self-management programs.

Join our Falls Free Initiative, part of a national effort to address the growing public health issue of fall-related injuries and deaths. To become a member of our local coalition or connect with a community-based fall prevention or chronic disease management program near you today, contact bcffc@towerhealth.org.


Co-founding Coalition Members

Berks County Area Agency on AgingBerks Encore