Sleep Apnea Test

The following sleep test is for your own evaluation. There's nothing to submit. To confirm a diagnosis, your doctor will need to administer a formal, clinically based apnea test.

To begin, choose and track your answer – yes or no – to each of the questions below. Then, add up the number of "yes" answers you have. The likelihood of your being a sleep apnea sufferer, according to the number of "yes" answers given, is provided below the test.

You snore loudly most/every night(s). Yes No
You sometimes/often wake up at night with a choking feeling. Yes No
You often feel sleepy and struggle to stay awake during the day. Yes No
Your sleep partner says you choke, gasp, snort or hold your breath while sleeping. Yes No
You often wake up with a dry throat/mouth. Yes No
You often wake up with a headache. Yes No
You wake up feeling un-refreshed and tired, even after a full night's sleep. Yes No
You have high blood pressure. Yes No
You're overweight. Yes No
You sometimes/often experience irregular heartbeats. Yes No
You have trouble with concentration and memory. Yes No
You're frequently bad tempered, moody or irritable. Yes No

What to Do Next

If you answered "yes" to six or more of the above questions, there's a strong possibility you are suffering from sleep apnea.

This test is not meant to be an alternative to medical advice and it should not be used as such. If you have any sleep concerns, go to your doctor and discuss your symptoms.

As stated above, sleep apnea poses significant health risks and it's important that you visit with your physician to get a definitive diagnosis and explore treatment options. For more information, please contact Reading Hospital's HELPline – 484-628-HELP (4357).