Behavioral Medicine Pain Management

If you suffer from chronic pain, you know how devastating it can be and how it can affect every area of your life - from having to change jobs to missing out on family activities. However, you aren’t alone.

A recent study of more than 1,000 American adults found that 57 percent suffered from persistent or recurrent pain. Chronic pain is a real disease and a huge health care issue.

As the only interdisciplinary pain program in the area, our focus is on treating patients with complex cases of chronic pain – patients with muscle or bone pain who have undergone thorough medical workups and have not responded to traditional medical treatments.

We offer the only pain management program in the region that provides an interdisciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of chronic pain. The program supplements conventional medical treatment with an awareness of how behavior and attitude can both affect health.


Treatment sessions are based on a comprehensive outpatient evaluation and are customized to address the specific needs of the patient to reduce the experience of pain and maximize functionality.

Treatment Approach

As a patient with Reading Hospital, you're taught to develop and strengthen new coping abilities that can be applied not only to present difficulties but also to future problems. This enables you to maintain progress and continue healthy growth more effectively.

Your family and loved ones are encouraged to become part of the process of change, as their attitudes and behaviors are important for your success.

Using a combination of conventional medical treatment with an awareness of how behavior and attitude can affect health, we provide sufferers of chronic pain the skills necessary to optimize function and foster a healthier lifestyle through education, exercise, counseling, and peer support.

Integrated, Comprehensive Team

Our integrated team of behavioral medicine specialists, physical and occupational therapists have specialized training in chronic pain management.

They provide treatments that include a combination of patient education, rehabilitative therapy, counseling, and behavioral treatment to help patients reach a higher level of functional independence.

For more information about the Behavioral Medicine Center Pain Management Program, please contact us at 484-628-4951.