Patient Story: Corina Pehlman

Brain Trauma

Corina was enjoying her morning run when she was struck by a car. Massive brain trauma required several surgeries and intensive rehabilitation, but her determination never wavered. Neither did the amazing team at The Reading Hospital for Post-Acute Rehabilitation, which was by her side every step of the way.  Now Corina believes, “It’s not about what happens to you, but who helps you along the way.”

The post-acute hospital has an excellent staff that facilitates personalized therapy, tailored for each patient’s unique situation. One important part of Corina’s rehabilitation program included water therapy, where she walked on a treadmill. This activity helped rebuild her skills – and her confidence. “I loved being in the pool because it reassured me I could still walk.”

Corina, who majored in law and policy at Dickinson College, also went through intensive speech therapy and memory tests, which included completing Sudoku puzzles and playing Yahtzee to exercise her mind. In these activities, as in all the care Corina received, “the setting and the people made the experience very intimate and personal – I always felt confident that the therapists who were working with me really knew me and that I mattered to them.”

This feeling also carried through to her relationship with the nurses and staff. As a passionate Phillies fan, Corina would watch the games with Justin Barrell and Stormy Bernhart, two members of the post-acute hospital team who share her passion for baseball.

“The post-acute hospital had a remarkable impact on my life.” Corina feels the most important factor when recovering from a major trauma is the vital role the staff plays in the recovery process.  Those caring people will remain in her heart forever. “I hope they understand they were a very big part of my rehabilitation – personally, I feel they were the biggest part.” Now well on the road to recovery, Corina looks forward to the next chapter in her life.