Patient Story: Page Franklin

Neurological Rehabilitation

Page never expected to have her senior year of high school tragically cut short by a car accident so severe that it nearly took her life. In spite of massive brain trauma and other challenges, today Page is optimistic about her future and eternally grateful to the remarkable team at The Reading Hospital for Post-Acute Rehabilitation.

In addition to the latest rehab therapies and its state-of-the-art equipment, the secret to the post-acute hospital’s stunning success is its team, or – as Page warmly describes it – “family,” approach to care. Doctors and therapists worked with Page and her family to set realistic goals and were determined to help her achieve them.

Page’s mom, Julie, recognizes that “the therapists are absolutely committed to making it work.” Throughout her rehabilitation, Page’s therapists integrated the latest technologies with compassionate care to help her learn to walk, regain mobility in her hands, and fine-tune her motor skills. “The nurses and therapists would go above and beyond to make Page comfortable. They would even involve visiting family and friends in her therapy sessions.”

As is common with head injuries, her speech was also deeply affected, to the point where she couldn’t express independent thoughts. With the help of Cara, her speech therapist, who pushed her to her limits, Page is back to chatting with her friends and family.

And when Page was missing those she loves most, the staff knew how to cheer her up: taking her for a stroll in her wheelchair, delivering a made-to-order milk shake, and providing regular visits from her beloved St. Bernard, Rosie, who is a therapy dog.

Page is now committed to her outpatient therapy and looks forward to graduating high school next year.