Hybrid Heart Procedures

At Reading Hospital, you get more care in less time in Berks County’s only hybrid operating room. Cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons work together on hybrid procedures – treatments that combine parts of traditional surgery with less-invasive approaches.

Hybrid Ablation

During hybrid ablation, or Ex-MAZE, a cardiac surgeon and an electrophysiologist work together to treat atrial fibrillation by creating scar tissue that blocks abnormal electrical signals.

The surgeon creates a scar pattern on the outside of a beating heart through a small incision in the abdomen. Then, the electrophysiologist slides a thin tube into a blood vessel and up to the heart, where the tool sends out hot or cold energy to make scars inside the heart.

You’ll find hybrid ablation at only a few hospitals in the country, including Reading Hospital.

Hybrid Revascularization

An alternative to traditional bypass surgery, hybrid revascularization diverts blood around some blocked heart arteries and uses stents to open others during the same operation. This procedure can help you if you have more than one diseased heart artery and want a minimally invasive approach that speeds recovery.

Technology Improves Your Care

See inside Reading Hospital’s hybrid operating room that offers you personalized care.