Patient Testimonals


Scott Davis

Scott was always proactive about his heart health. As a 48-year-old father, he maintained a healthy diet and made it a point to get to CrossFit every day. He had always listened to his body — which is why he knew something wasn’t right when he started experiencing unusual pain on his left side and had longer than usual recovery times after his daily workouts. Scott turned to his cardiologist at Reading Hospital, where our team identified a massive blockage in one of the main arteries in his heart. We performed minimally invasive heart surgery in our cardiac catheterization lab that not only restored blood flow to his heart — it saved his life. Scott was back at home the same day as his procedure, and today, he’s back to hiking and biking with his family.


Christine Forry

After having two stents placed in her heart, Christine knew she needed to stay proactive about her heart health. She monitored and maintained healthy cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI) — and knew what to look out for after learning that some heart conditions have unexpected symptoms, such as an asthma attack. Christine’s experience equipped her with the knowledge that ultimately saved her life when she experienced sudden and severe pain in between her shoulder blades while driving. She immediately knew her heart was at risk and went to Reading Hospital as fast as possible. Our team quickly identified a massive blockage in one of her coronary arteries and knew Christine was an excellent candidate for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), a minimally invasive robotic procedure that allowed blood to move around the blockage and back to her heart. Christine had a fast recovery and continues to make incredible progress every day. With the help of our cardiac rehabilitation program — and support from her loving husband — Christine is more inspired than ever to stay in control of her heart health.


Jim thought he was suffering from heartburn, but a visit to his family doctor and then cardiac specialists revealed he had two blockages in his coronary arteries that required intervention. Jim was worried that it would take months to recover from surgery, however, thanks to a minimally invasive procedure, Jim was home within two days of his surgery, and back to his peak performance in no time. 


Helen knew, she would need surgery on her carotid artery, to decrease her chances of having another stroke. She learned Reading Hospital was the only hospital in the region to offer TCAR, a new minimally invasive procedure that offered much lower stroke risks during the procedure, a smaller incision and a faster recovery. After her procedure and after her quick and painless recovery, Helen found she had more energy and focus, as well as more clarity of mind.


Susie had always been a very active person, from golfing, to scuba diving, to searching for lost dogs for the Berks Dog Search Facebook page. So when a series of health issues threatened to put her permanently on blood thinners for her A-fib, she worried that she might have to slow down her lifestyle for good. Instead, Susie decided to have the new Watchman procedure, and hasn’t regretted it for a moment. The day after her procedure, Susie was back to chasing after lost dogs, without missing a beat.


Tony thought his stomach pain was indigestion, but when the pain got worse he called 9-1-1. Tony was experiencing a heart attack. Listen to Tony’s story to learn about his atypical heart attack symptoms and lifesaving care received at Reading Hospital.


Normal daily activities were difficult for Bob due to severe aortic stenosis until he received minimally invasive TAVR at Reading Hospital. Bob went home the day after his procedure and it has transformed his life.