Purchase an AED

HeartSAFEReading Hospital and The Friends of Reading Hospital are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Physio Control, Inc. that will allow anyone in Berks County the opportunity to purchase an LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED at a discounted rate.

These are the same AEDs we’ve distributed to police departments, first responders, and high schools throughout the County.


The LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED can be purchased through this special program for $1,325, a discount of approximately 40 percent.

To purchase your AED, please fill out this AED purchase contract form [PDF] and fax, or scan and email, the form to Physio Control, Inc. using the contact information provided on the form.

Physio Control will provide you with a customer number to purchase AEDs, batteries, and additional patches at a discounted rate.

Purchasing Information for Non-Profit Organizations

The Friends of Reading Hospital share the cost of the AED with non-profit organizations. Regularly priced at over $2,300, we are able to obtain the AEDs at a discounted rate of $1,325. Split in half, it is a cost of $662.50 for approved non-profits. We are able to spend up to $5,000 per year on this program.

Included in this cost are the AED, soft case, supplies, a wall-mounted case, and signage for AEDs placed in buildings.

Your non-profit is responsible for maintaining the AED, checking the battery monthly, and changing the battery as needed. We share their discount on batteries. NOTE: In the event that the AED is used in a cardiac emergency, we will replace the battery and pads at no cost to the owner.

Download an AED Request Form for Non-Profit Organizations [PDF].

Additional AED Supplies

To order additional supplies for your AED, visit Physio Control. To replace a battery or accessories, due to expiration, contact customer support at Physio Control at 800-442-1142. Indicate you have contract pricing under contract 02967902.

For More Information

For questions or assistance ordering a new AED, contact HeartSAFE Coordinator at heartsafe@towerhealth.org.