Pediatric Emergency Department

The 16-bed James & Deborah Radwanski Pediatric Emergency Department at Reading Hospital has its own specialized “triage” area and a separate, family-friendly waiting room. The Pediatric Emergency Department also offers:

  • Highly experienced pediatric physicians, specialists, nurses, and physician assistants
  • Child-specific medical equipment, as well as specialized equipment for the care of children with autism or other special needs
  • A carefully designed “play area” for children awaiting treatment, including interactive screens, games, and a virtual fish tank, as well as resources for their families, such as free Wi-Fi access and cell phone charging stations
  • Specialized programs, such as music therapy, to ease fear and improve outlook
  • Age-appropriate pain management and distraction techniques
  • Private family consultation rooms
  • More efficient flow through the department to reduce wait times

A Kid-Centered Approach to Emergency Care

As the centerpiece of healthcare in Berks County for over 150 years, Reading Hospital is dedicated to providing our community with access to high quality, compassionate care, close to home. Our Emergency Department (ED) is one of the busiest in the nation and, of the thousands of patients who visit our ED each year, nearly 30,000 of them are children. We recognized this as an opportunity to better serve our community by expanding our pediatric emergency services.

Traditionally, both adults and children have received emergency care at Reading Hospital from one central waiting room and location. From a child’s perspective, this can be a scary – and sometimes traumatizing – experience. To create a less daunting environment that is more conducive to caring for children, Reading Hospital set out to create a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department.

The Best Treatment Space for Your Child

We visited other pediatric emergency departments, consulted pediatric healthcare specialists, and talked to parents in the community to ensure that the Pediatric Emergency Department would be an ideal, nurturing space for children and their families.

We take pride in caring for the members of our community. The addition of the Pediatric Emergency Department at Reading Hospital will ensure that families have direct access to exceptional pediatric care, close to home, when they need it the most.