IRB Information for Sponsors

IRB General Contact Information

420 S. Fifth Avenue
Doctor's Office Building, Suite 1010
West Reading, PA 19611

Phone: 484-628-5082

Chair: Gregory Mokrynski, MD, CIP

Director, Human Subjects Protection: Sharon House, RN, CIP

Administrative Assistant: Kathryn Nester

Reading Hospital Institutional Review Board

Reading Hospital IRB is registered and has federal-wide assurance.

  • IRB Registration: IRB00002156
  • FWA Number: FWA00003110
  • FWA Expiration: March 11, 2020 


Full Board / New Protocol

These meetings are scheduled to take place on the second Tuesday of every month The submission deadline for items to be reviewed by the Full Board is the second Monday of the month, prior to the meeting.  Changes requested by the IRB must be made before the item will be placed on the final agenda.

The turnaround time is typically 30 days from submission to completion of correspondence, provided any necessary corrections are received in a timely manner.

IRB Fees

There are non-refundable fees depending on the service being provided and proof of invoice must be provided with the submission.  

Study Start-Up: Non-refundable start-up fee of $2,500 is due at the time of submission

Continuing Review: No more than $1,000 per review will be charged based on the following:

  • Annual reviews – $1,000 per review
  • Six-month review – $500 per review
  • Less than six months – $250 per review

Amendments: No more than $500 per amendment will be charged based on the following:  

  • Changes to the protocol, informed consent, and other documents – $500
  • Administrative changes to the protocol – $250
  • Changes to informed consent, patient education or recruitment materials – $250

Exceptions:  The IRB does not invoice for the following:

  • Research protocols sponsored by non-profit agencies (AHA, ACS)
  • Research protocols sponsored by the Federal government (NIH, FDA, DHHS)
  • Research protocols sponsored by National Cooperative Groups (ECOG, GOG, NSABP, RTOG, etc.)

Any regulatory questions can be directed to the Clinical Trials Office at 484-628-8585.