Paranasal Sinus and Nasal Cavity Cancer

This is cancer of the the nose and the four air-filled cavities, called the sinuses, around it.


Symptoms of paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer include:

  • Blocked sinuses that do not clear, or sinus pressure
  • Headaches or pain in the sinus areas
  • A runny nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • A lump or sore inside the nose that does not heal
  • A lump on the face or roof of the mouth
  • Numbness or tingling in the face
  • Swelling or other trouble with the eyes, such as double vision or the eyes pointing in different directions
  • Pain in the upper teeth, loose teeth, or dentures that no longer fit well
  • Pain or pressure in the ear.


In addition to all major cancer screening and diagnosis methods, we also offer these techniques when testing for this cancer:

  • X-Rays of the Head and Neck – An x-ray is a type of energy beam that can go through the body and onto film, making a picture of areas inside the body
  • Nasoscopy – A procedure used to look inside the nose to check for abnormal areas
  • Laryngoscopy – A procedure is used to look inside the larynx to check for abnormal areas


Surgery is the most common treatment for this cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy are also treatment options.

Your care team will work with you to determine the exact course of treatment. Learn more about treatment options.