Oropharyngeal Cancer

The oropharynx is located at the back of the mouth, between the soft palate and the neck bone that supports the tongue.


Symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer include:

  • A sore throat that does not go away
  • Cough
  • Trouble swallowing, moving the tongue, or opening your mouth fully
  • Weight loss for no known reason
  • Ear pain
  • A lump in the back of the mouth, throat, or neck
  • A change in voice


In addition to all major cancer screening and diagnosis methods, we also offer Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan) when testing for oropharyngheal cancer. This is a procedure used to find malignant tumor cells in the body.


Radiation and chemotherapy are treatment options for oropharyngeal cancer. Your care team will work with you to determine the exact course of treatment. Learn more about treatment options.