Patient Testimonals


I’m a seven-year survivor of stage 4 lung cancer.

When I was diagnosed, I was told I had around six months to live — and that wasn’t an option for me. As a mother, a grandmother, and a fighter — I knew there was a way to beat my cancer, and so did my oncologist at Reading Hospital. Today, I’m a seven-year survivor of stage 4 lung cancer. My family gave me the will to fight, and the experts at Reading Hospital gave me the chance to live.


Early detection of prostate cancer saved my life.

I always knew there was a chance for me to develop prostate cancer because it runs in my family — and having regular screenings allowed the experts at Reading Hospital to detect mine early. When I received my diagnosis, my interest in science led me to the technologies that would allow me to continue living the way I wanted. My doctor and I chose non-invasive radiation therapy that not only allowed me to keep working and running my dogs — it cured my cancer.


I beat cancer and traveled the world with my wife.

My wife and I always dreamed about traveling the world. We never dreamed of waking up to my colon cancer diagnosis. Everything changed after meeting the team at Reading Hospital — we were hopeful again. My oncologist and I made treatment decisions together — he made me feel like family. And the nurses who supported me through chemotherapy? The most compassionate people I’ve ever met. Today, I feel better than I have in years. And, my wife and I took the cruise around the world we’ve always dreamed of.


Reading Hospital helped me defeat breast cancer.

My husband and I had just become empty nesters when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was like the doors to my life slammed shut — I didn’t think I had any options. But I found everything I needed at Reading Hospital — from advanced clinical trials to radiation therapy, support groups, and even restorative yoga. The support I received made me feel like I was at home with family. Their care opened up the doors to my new life. Cancer free..