Apheresis Center

The expert team at the Reading Hospital's Aphresis Center offer routine outpatient services for patients seeking supportive treatment for many chronic or acute disorders requiring short- or long-term apheresis or phlebotomy therapy.

In these therapies, blood is removed from the body, a portion of the blood is removed, and the blood is returned to the system.

Patients are accepted by physician referral only.


The Apheresis Center offers the following treatments:

  • Lipidphresis - Removes low-density LDL cholesterol from a patient's blood
  • Plasmapheresis - Removes infected plasma to lower or reduce infection
  • Red blood cell exchange
  • RhoGAM injections - provides Rh protein-positive plasma to Rh-negative pregnant women
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy - Blood draw recommended by doctors due to excess iron in the blood

About Your Visit

You can expect a quiet, intimate atmosphere with personal attention from our dedicated nursing staff.

We have fully reclining spacious chairs as well as televisions for your entertainment.

Cold beverages are available in the center, and you may bring food to enjoy during your stay.

What to Bring

Always dress as comfortably as possible for your first visit. Be sure to bring along: 

  • Complete list of medications including drug names, dosages and times you take them
  • Medical and surgical history
  • Health benefits card
  • Insurance referral, if required
  • Photo identification

Additional items that may be helpful during your visit:

  • A DVD or movie to watch
  • Music player or game device with headphones
  • Bag lunch for longer therapies

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent quality healthcare to all patients in a safe, compassionate manner. We work closely with your physician to provide the therapy selected for your care.