Older Adult Programs

We understand that the challenges and issues you face change as you progress through different stages of life. Our programs and services for older adults have been developed to address the unique needs of this age group.

  • The Willows Program in Spruce Pavilion offers age-specific treatment, programming protocols, and environmental enhancements for the older adult. This inpatient program offers comprehensive and multidisciplinary evaluation/assessment to address functional decline and changes in mental status, cognition, or behavior. We also provide consultation services to various extended care facilities and assisted living programs throughout Berks County.
  • Our Senior Assessment Program at The Geriatric Center consists of a comprehensive evaluation performed by a geriatrician, a psychiatrist, and a licensed clinical social worker. Our evaluation lays the foundation for quality ongoing care. This care assists an older individual with the ability to enjoy good health, improve overall quality of life, reduce the need for hospitalization, plan for long-term care, as well as live independently for as long as possible.
  • Outpatient Services at the Center for Mental Health help senior clients cope with the everyday problems we all face but sometimes need support in handling. Outpatient care is often the best approach to help clients find relief from symptoms and return to everyday activities again as quickly as possible.