Addiction Medicine

We offer addiction medicine through our Department of Psychiatry. Addiction medicine offers the identification, evaluation, and treatment of individuals with drug/alcohol dependency. Patients are treated both in the Emergency Department and in outpatient settings.

Center of Excellence

We have been designated by the PA Department of Human Services an Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence.

Centers of Excellence help ensure that people with opioid-related substance use disorder stay in treatment to receive follow-up care and are supported within their communities. These centers coordinate care for people with Medicaid, and treatment is team-based and “whole-person” focused, with the goal of integrating emotional and physical care.

Care Coordination and Support

Our Care Coordinators connect individuals to medical and treatment services including substance abuse, mental health, primary care, medication-assisted treatment for addiction, pain management, dental, eye care, and other services they may need.

They work closely with Recovery Support Specialists to identify and provide support in developing a plan to resolve unmet needs such as housing, childcare, education/vocational skills, employment, transportation, clothing, food, health insurance, and recovery-friendly recreation and activities.

Recovery Specialists also:

  • Assist in establishing health recovery support network in the community.
  • Provide education, information, and support regarding addiction and recovery to individuals struggling with an opioid addiction, family members, agencies, and community groups.
  • Meet individuals in the community to assist in transitioning to the next level of care.
  • Assist in re-establishing and improving family and significant relationships.

How to Make a Referral

Call the Center of Excellence directly or complete an online referral below. You can do this for yourself or someone else. Upon receiving a referral, a member of the Center of Excellence Care Management team will contact you or the person you've identified within 24-hours to discuss recovery, how the Center of Excellence can help, and what the next steps are.