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4.8 out of 5 (188 Ratings, 24 Comments)


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Patient Comment October 2018
Excellent communication.
Patient Comment October 2018
Dr.Cescon is the best. would highly recommend him to everyone.
Patient Comment October 2018
I have always had good experiences.
Patient Comment October 2018
I have always had good experience with my provider. I liked all my providers they make me feel better even when I'm down I
Patient Comment October 2018
Patient Comment October 2018
always great. Very caring.
Patient Comment September 2018
everyone seemed to care.
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Cescon was my oncologist for the last 20 years and now manages my hematology needs. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about both sciences and includes me in all decisions about my treatment. I feel very comfortable and secure in the care he provides to me and my son.
Patient Comment August 2018
When i started this treatment my platelets were at 24. My last blood work is looking almost normal.This is due to Dr. Cescon and his staff they do a great job.
Patient Comment August 2018
Very talkative and jokey not my regular physician -- this was a substitute
Patient Comment August 2018
what was supposed to be a routine follow-up visit turned into an all-day event, as Dr. C. said that I needed a blood transfusion. So, instead of getting home by 10 AM, I got home at 5 PM. Not a "good experience", but necessary, I was told.
Patient Comment August 2018
Dr. Cescon is the reason I am alive today! He is the best!
Patient Comment July 2018
I have an extremely high level of confidence in Dr cescon and staff.
Patient Comment July 2018
Dr.Cescon is incredibly knowledgeable, and he ROCKS!
Patient Comment June 2018
We left the appointment not knowing about the blood work for the doctor used such medical terms that we did not know what he was talking about. We figured the blood work is fine for I do not need to return for a year.