Mountain Laurel Award Recipients

The Mountain Laurel Award is given to any hospital staff member outside the Nursing Staff who helped improve a patient or visitor's time at Reading Hospital. (Please note that nurses are eligible for The DAISY Award.)

January 2020

Nicole Alberta PCA from Tower Select on N2W.

I enjoyed Nicole very much during my stay. She made my smile and helped me to keep my spirit positive. She worked well with others to help bathe me and keep me feeling comfortable. She displayed great bedside manner, knowledge, and professionalism. AND Nicole is a PCA and she has constant professional attitude and takes the patient's well being to heart. She is an asset to Reading Hospital. She has the patient health as her concern first and foremost. As a patient I would like to thank Nicole for the care she has given me while I stayed on her floor.

Congratulations Nicole!

December 2019

Ivy Hammond a PCA on T3

“I would like to nominate Ivy for the Mount Laurel Award, She has given me and my family hope on our darkest days and she always makes sure I was taken care of as a whole person, not just a patient or another person on her floor, she took the time to listen to what my family and I needed and advocated for me when I didn't know yet what I needed, she brightened up my days with her compassion and dedication along with her professional manor, She was more than a PCA, she was a cheerleader, a friend and ally when I needed her most, I hope everyone is blessed enough to have her someday so they know what true Kindness and compassion are.”

Congratulations Ivy!

September 2019

Maxine Ginsberg Malament, PT, DPT, GCS – Inpatient Therapy Department

Maxine came and gave my family and I hope when we didn’t know how to cope/deal with horrible news medical staff was giving us around every turn, she came every day to spend therapy time sitting with me or my family if that's what we needed, She NEVER let us give up or lose hope, Maxine fought for us when we had no fight left in us, She served as more than a therapist, she served as my voice, cheerleader and strength. Maxine made me stronger physically & mentally, She took the whole person into account, not just walking or moving, she taught me to see a full life after Injury and she never gave up on me, She made me a better person, I hope someday to impact someone the way Maxine impacted me & remember at the heart of everything we are everyone is HUMAN first. I have witnessed Maxine pay for equipment out of her own pocket because her patient needed it and insurance would not pay for it, she always smiled, listened to us and taught us what true compassion is.

July 2019

Judy has been with Reading Hospital for 26 years. She is extremely compassionate and caring. She is a very hard worker and will do anything you will ask for. Her cheery persona is very comforting. Her kindness, encouragement and understanding is truly appreciated. She really loves us and we all love her too. AND I am delighted to inform you that during my time at the hospital I was taken care of by Judy Lyons, a personal aide. She was absolutely amazing and made me feel comfortable, she had exquisite bedside manner, great personality and had a substantial impact on me while I was in. Because of Judy, my stay was a lot less painful, a bit more manageable, and I definitely got in a lot of laughter. I felt as if I had a friend while my family wasn't around. I thank her for her kindness greatly and appreciate everything she has done for me whole heartedly. With this being said, I would like to nominate her for a Mountain Laurel Award. I understand that this award is given to staff and nurses who show amazing clinical skill and provide extra special care and I believe that Judy Lyons has exceeded those expectations.

Mountain Laurel Award recipient Judy Lyons

May 2019

Congratulations to Cassandra Kozlowski, Patient Care Assistant in Tower Select, May Mountain Laurel Award honoree. Kozlowski is pictured below right with her Nurse Manager, Magdalheen Brown, BSN, RN.

Mountain Laurel Award recipient Cassandra Kozlowski

April 2019

Congratulations to Daisy Licona, Patient Care Assistant in Spruce Pavilion, April Mountain Laurel Award honoree.

Mountain Laurel Award recipient Daisy Licona

March 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Elgin, Cardiology, winner of the March Mountain Laurel Award.

Mountain Laurel Award Winner Eric Elgin, MD

February 2019

Congratulations to Jessica Pannebecker from the Healthplex Café!

Mountain Laurel Award Jessica Pannebecker

January 2019

Congratulations to Carolann Chubb, Reading Hospital Rehabilitation at Wyomissing, winner of the January Mountain Laurel Award.

Mountain Laurel Award Recipient Carolann Chubb

December 2018

Congratulations to Brenda Becker, Environmental Services, winner of the December Mountain Laurel Award.

Mountain Laurel Award Brenda Becker

November 2018

Congratulations to Shawna Mengle, Patient Service Representative, winner of the Mountain Laurel Award.

Mountain Laurel Shawna Mengle

Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer (left) and Shawna Mengle, Patient Service Representative

October 2018

October's Mountain Laurel Award recipient is Natalie Hoffman, a Patient Care Assistant on T5.

Natalie Hoffman

Valerie Ritter, Nurse Manager of T5 (left) and Natalie Hoffman, Patient Care Assistant on T5

September 2018

Dr. Stephen Longenecker received The Mountain Laurel Award for Extraordinary Team Members for September.

Mountain Laurel Award Dr. Stephen Longenecker

Dr. Stephen Longenecker and Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

August 2018

Nicole Hughes, Patient Care Assistant on the N5W Patient Care Unit and a member of the Float Pool, is the Mountain Laurel winner for August.

Nicole Hughes Mountain Laurel Award

Photo includes Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer (left) and Magdalheen (Maggie) Brown, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Float Pool & CMR (right). Nicole was not able to attend the ceremony.

July 2018

Reading Hospital's first Mountain Laurel Award was presented to Dr. Michael Brown. From the nomination form:

Mountain Laurel Award Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown, left, and Dr. Gregory Sorensen, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer