Mountain Laurel Award Recipients

October 2018

October's Mountain Laurel Award recipient is Natalie Hoffman, a Patient Care Assistant on T5.

Here is a Qoute from Natalie's nomination:

"these two women, nurse and pca, for their care and consideration. they kept peeking in my room, to ask if I needed anything and I can’t tell you how lovely they took care of me at the reading hospital. out of all the hospitals in the world that I have been in I have never had a nurse and pca that took care of me in such a manor, that the reading hospital should be lucky to have them on their staff I would not hesitate to come back to this hospital if I know that they were going to take care of me. they should be given s slap on the back a thank you very much by the hospital or a nice Christmas bonus. this hospital is very lucky to have these two. thank you very much."

Natalie Hoffman

Valerie Ritter, Nurse Manager of T5 (left) and Natalie Hoffman, Patient Care Assistant on T5

September 2018

Dr. Stephen Longenecker received The Mountain Laurel Award for Extraordinary Team Members for September.

Here is a quote from Dr. Longenecker's nomination:

“I would like to recognize and commend Dr. Stephen Longenecker for his commitment to his patients of the Reading Hospital. I have seen Dr. Longenecker since January of 2018 for right knee pain. On July 31, 2018, Dr. Longenecker completed a total right knee replacement surgical procedure on me. He contacted my family the day prior to my surgery to see if I had any questions prior to the surgery. He visited me the morning of the surgery, to check on my well-being prior to the operation. He followed up with my family after the surgery and came to see me in my room the morning after the surgery. After returning home, I had a question, and contacted the answering service. Dr. Longenecker personally returned my call, and delayed his personal time off to see me in his office early the next morning. In 2017, Dr. Longenecker replaced my right hip, and his commitment and service to me was identical at that time. It is without a doubt that Dr. Stephen Longenecker cares very much for his patients, which reflect very positively on the Reading Hospital and the Tower Health System.”

Mountain Laurel Award Dr. Stephen Longenecker

Dr. Stephen Longenecker and Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

August 2018

Nicole Hughes, Patient Care Assistant on the N5W Patient Care Unit and a member of the Float Pool, is the Mountain Laurel winner for August.

Her nomination form reads: “PCA - N5W and float pool, I'm sharing my story about my nurse aide (PCA). She was very nice went beyond her duties. Came in all day long even without me ringing my call bell. I needed a phone charger. She tried her very best to find one. She is expecting her baby in 2 weeks. She still did her duties and beyond, made sure I had ice and drinks, helped me get dressed. All and all I believe she should be nominated. Wish nothing but the best for her bundle of joy! XOXO”

Nicole Hughes Mountain Laurel Award

Photo includes Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer (left) and Magdalheen (Maggie) Brown, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Float Pool & CMR (right). Nicole was not able to attend the ceremony.

July 2018

Reading Hospital's first Mountain Laurel Award was presented to Dr. Michael Brown. From the nomination form:

"A suspicious finding on a routine mammogram lead to a consultation with Dr. Michael Brown about next steps in addressing the concern. Dr. Brown met with me within a few days and provided his best recommendations for next steps. He expedited my biopsy, communicated subsequent results and ordered further testing which ended in a diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr. Brown's compassion in delivering this news, along with his skillful and articulate way of explaining the expected approach to treatment was done with grace and intelligence. I felt comfortable and assured he would do everything possible to treat this diagnosis with the most beneficial care plan that works for me and my family. His communication style is thorough and warm - he makes himself available at anytime for questions and concerns. I feel that Dr. Brown is 110% invested in my health and well-being. I feel very fortunate to be cared for by Dr. Brown."

Mountain Laurel Award Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown, left, and Dr. Gregory Sorensen, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer