DAISY Award Recipients

The DAISY Award honors and celebrates the skillful and compassionate care nurses provide every day.

February 2019

Congratulations to Riki Norton, RN, from T5. who won the DAISY Award for February 2019.

From Riki's patient's family: “My 86-yr old father has been a patient at Tower Health (Reading Hospital) more times than I care to count. My mother just passed away in November. I'd brought dad in after a fall and head injury. Although coherent in the ED, he then went to into a Grand Mal seizure that made this visit much more serious. Riki was his nurse once he was able to get out of MICU and on to T5. Having had a previous subdural hematoma three years ago, my father's abilities seemed to be getting worse during his visit. One day he would walk, the next, however, his legs and feet were like stone. I explained to Riki that I'd seen it all before when he had the last hematoma. I requested a new CT scan. Riki put the request through to Dad's doctors. It was denied because he'd been tested when he was in the ED. I then told Riki that I was demanding the test be repeated.  She discussed it with her facilitator, then contacted the doctors again. She was not spoken kindly to this time, but got the doctor to agree to talk to me. I ultimately pleaded my case, and within an hour, had three doctors agreeing with my concern and repeating the CT scan. Why does this make Riki a standout nurse? After many encounters in the past with nurses too rushed to listen or snapping at me for asking a question, Riki took the time to hear my valid concern. She didn't let it rest, and even after dealing with anger on the phone for me from doctors, she stood by me and got my request follow through. I'm sad to say most others would not have done it. I was scared to talk to her and the doctors because I'm not medically trained and although I'm educated, feared I would be treated like I was ignorant in this respect. Riki said to me 'I always listen to the family because no one knows a patient better than their family!' She is a fine example of a nurse and deserves to be recognized for her efforts! Thank you Riki Norton for not only listening, but for also hearing me! “

DAISY Award Riki Norton

January 2019

January's DAISY Award Winner is Laura Mauroschadt, RN clinical nurse on T4.

“ From one nurse to another, Thank you. As I sat in my hospital bed feeling broken, feeling ashamed that my body had failed me, and scared of the unknown that the day would bring; little did I know that my nurse that greeted me with a smiling face that morning would be the saving grace this girl needed. Having an unexpected stay at your place of employment is probably the least desirable event for a nurse. However, with the continuous upbeat attitude and genuine care provided by you, Laura, would ultimately change the way I think of this adventure that I was dealt. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For listening to me when I felt unheard, thank you. For standing by my side every step of the way the day we met, thank you. For going way above and beyond what any ordinary nurse would consider good care, thank you. I hope to never be on that side of the bed, but to the next person who is; I hope they have a compassionate nurse like you. I can only pay you back with Thanks!”8221;

DAISY Award Laura Mauroschadt, RN

December 2018

December's DAISY Award Winner is Pamela Sarita, RN.

From our patient: "Wow! I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for your Pam. I've saved this review for last because this was the most important review for me. Pam was my nurse while I was in Reading Hospital. Pam, you are AWESOME! You are more than a Super Nurse, more than a beautiful soul, more than a wonderful influence in my life. You have a Brilliant Mind and I think you should have been a Doctor. Just know that you are making a difference in the world, however you choose to express your gift. I have tears in my eyes while I'm typing this because,....what you gave me was more than just great care. There is not a word for what you can do. You are the best nurse I've ever seen. You hear everything that someone says, you execute each task with precision and efficiency, you notice everything, you give each person what they need in the way that they need it. And you make it look easy. I Love you Pam, and I only knew her for a few days. May GOD Bless you and yours for all your days. Truly,...you deserve no less than this! (Thank you )”

DAISY Award Pamela Sarita, RN

November 2018

November's DAISY Award winner is Jill Sweigart, RN, Infusion Center.

From our patient: "I go to the infusion center once a month for an infusion that takes about 2 hours. Jill has taken care of me many times. She is always very pleasant and understanding. What makes her stand out is that she shows she really cares by taking time to talk to me. Not just the usual talk, but conversation. She is engaged to the point where she will ask me the next month about things we talked about the visit prior. For example, my son was having difficulty adjusting to moving to college. Jill always asks me how he is doing. She sees so many patients between my visits, yet remembers details that show she is truly listening and cares. I am always happy when I see she is working. She is truly an example of what all nurses should be. She sees the patient truly as a person."

DAISY Award Winner Jill Sweigart, RN

October 2018

October's DAISY Award winner is Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W.

From our patient: "I came in for a cancer consult but was sick. Was admitted to N2W Room 233. I was feeling down because of the cancer and the illness. She came in and asked RU OK? I thought about taking my life, then I saw her tattoo and she told me about it. I started crying and she put her arm around me and just talked. Great person, caring understanding took care of me and all the other patients. Need more like her!"

Jo Garthe

Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W (left) with Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

September 2018

September's DAISY Award winner is Samuel Garver, RN, T3. Sam demonstrated caring practices through the no-pass zone, assisting a patient in need. He applied knowledge from his nurse residency evidenced-based practice project to utilize aromatherapy to ease nausea in a non-pharmacologic way. We are so honored to have Sam as a nurse at Reading Hospital.

From our patient: “Sunday night I had a nightmare and I was in the bathroom crying. He was not my nurse. He heard me crying and came in and sat with me for a half an hour to help me calm down. I told him I was so nauseous from the pain pump but I needed the medicine and he told me he had something for me to try. He gave me this 'queezy' and told me its lemon and lavender. I love it and I highly recommend it. He stopped by the next night to ask me how I was and if I liked the queezy."

Said Sam of his honor: “I never realized how much of an impact the ‘small things’ can have on the patients.”

DAISY Award Samuel Garver

August 2018

August's DAISY Award winner is Collins Okyere, RN, N2 South. From his nomination form:

"Collins provided caring, support and patience while my sister felt like she wasn't being heard and was frustrated. I asked about some colostomy odor reduction supplies and even though he wasn't familiar with the products, he made an effort to call storeroom and inquire. The odor was  a source of stress and anxiety for my sister and I wanted to remove that for her so she could mentally move forward. While in this hospital over the past few weeks, she has been on other floors and had other nurses, a nurse manager and even a patient advocate. My sister was very vocal about the odor concern to the point of tears and the only person to respond to this issue with any action was Collins. He is an asset to this hospital and deserves to be recognized."

DAISY Award Collins Okyere

July 2018

Reading Hospital's first DAISY Award was presented to Travis Chapa, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. From the nomination form:

“When I met Travis I was going through a very hard time to say the least and he was the sweetest nurse ever , let just say the word to describe Travis is 'Angel' to see tears in his eyes my family was around and he was comforting them and talking to them, as I am writing this I am getting teary that's the effect he left on me. He is so wonderful. He definitely loves what he does and there's no doubt in my mind that I am not the only patient that was ever left with this kind of impression of him. I want to say thank you so much and keep it up and God bless you.”

DAISY Award Travis Chapa

Travis Chapa, second from left, with: Tim Marks, ED Division Director; Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer; and Martin Camacho, ED Nurse Manager