DAISY Award Recipients

The DAISY Award honors and celebrates the skillful and compassionate care nurses provide every day.

May 2019

Congratulations to Diana Arango, RN (left), the recipient of Reading Hospital's DAISY Award for May 2019. She is pictured with her nurse manager, Roseann Mucci.

DAISY Award winner Diana Arango, RN

April 2019

Congratulations to Jessica Smith, BSN, RN, the recipient of April 2019's DAISY Award.go

DAISY Award Recipient Jessica Smith, BSN, RN

March 2019

Congratulations to Jessica Miller, RN, of the Beginnings Maternity Center, the recipient of March 2019's DAISY Award.

DAISY Award Winnder Jessica Miller, RN

February 2019

Congratulations to Riki Norton, RN, from T5, who won the DAISY Award for February 2019.

DAISY Award Riki Norton

January 2019

January's DAISY Award Winner is Laura Mauroschadt, RN clinical nurse on T4.

DAISY Award Laura Mauroschadt, RN

December 2018

December's DAISY Award Winner is Pamela Sarita, RN.

DAISY Award Pamela Sarita, RN

November 2018

November's DAISY Award winner is Jill Sweigart, RN, Infusion Center.

DAISY Award Winner Jill Sweigart, RN

October 2018

October's DAISY Award winner is Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W.

Jo Garthe

Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W (left) with Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

September 2018

September's DAISY Award winner is Samuel Garver, RN, T3. Sam demonstrated caring practices through the no-pass zone, assisting a patient in need. He applied knowledge from his nurse residency evidenced-based practice project to utilize aromatherapy to ease nausea in a non-pharmacologic way. We are so honored to have Sam as a nurse at Reading Hospital.

DAISY Award Samuel Garver

August 2018

August's DAISY Award winner is Collins Okyere, RN, N2 South.

DAISY Award Collins Okyere

July 2018

Reading Hospital's first DAISY Award was presented to Travis Chapa, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department.

DAISY Award Travis Chapa

Travis Chapa, second from left, with: Tim Marks, ED Division Director; Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer; and Martin Camacho, ED Nurse Manager