DAISY Award Recipients

The DAISY Award honors and celebrates the skillful and compassionate care nurses provide every day.

November 2018

November's DAISY Award winner is Jill Sweigart, RN, Infusion Center.

From our patient: "I go to the infusion center once a month for an infusion that takes about 2 hours. Jill has taken care of me many times. She is always very pleasant and understanding. What makes her stand out is that she shows she really cares by taking time to talk to me. Not just the usual talk, but conversation. She is engaged to the point where she will ask me the next month about things we talked about the visit prior. For example, my son was having difficulty adjusting to moving to college. Jill always asks me how he is doing. She sees so many patients between my visits, yet remembers details that show she is truly listening and cares. I am always happy when I see she is working. She is truly an example of what all nurses should be. She sees the patient truly as a person."

DAISY Award Winner Jill Sweigart, RN

October 2018

October's DAISY Award winner is Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W.

From our patient: "I came in for a cancer consult but was sick. Was admitted to N2W Room 233. I was feeling down because of the cancer and the illness. She came in and asked RU OK? I thought about taking my life, then I saw her tattoo and she told me about it. I started crying and she put her arm around me and just talked. Great person, caring understanding took care of me and all the other patients. Need more like her!"

Jo Garthe

Jo Garthe, BSN, RN on N2W (left) with Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

September 2018

September's DAISY Award winner is Samuel Garver, RN, T3. Sam demonstrated caring practices through the no-pass zone, assisting a patient in need. He applied knowledge from his nurse residency evidenced-based practice project to utilize aromatherapy to ease nausea in a non-pharmacologic way. We are so honored to have Sam as a nurse at Reading Hospital.

From our patient: “Sunday night I had a nightmare and I was in the bathroom crying. He was not my nurse. He heard me crying and came in and sat with me for a half an hour to help me calm down. I told him I was so nauseous from the pain pump but I needed the medicine and he told me he had something for me to try. He gave me this 'queezy' and told me its lemon and lavender. I love it and I highly recommend it. He stopped by the next night to ask me how I was and if I liked the queezy."

Said Sam of his honor: “I never realized how much of an impact the ‘small things’ can have on the patients.”

DAISY Award Samuel Garver

August 2018

August's DAISY Award winner is Collins Okyere, RN, N2 South. From his nomination form:

"Collins provided caring, support and patience while my sister felt like she wasn't being heard and was frustrated. I asked about some colostomy odor reduction supplies and even though he wasn't familiar with the products, he made an effort to call storeroom and inquire. The odor was  a source of stress and anxiety for my sister and I wanted to remove that for her so she could mentally move forward. While in this hospital over the past few weeks, she has been on other floors and had other nurses, a nurse manager and even a patient advocate. My sister was very vocal about the odor concern to the point of tears and the only person to respond to this issue with any action was Collins. He is an asset to this hospital and deserves to be recognized."

DAISY Award Collins Okyere

July 2018

Reading Hospital's first DAISY Award was presented to Travis Chapa, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. From the nomination form:

“When I met Travis I was going through a very hard time to say the least and he was the sweetest nurse ever , let just say the word to describe Travis is 'Angel' to see tears in his eyes my family was around and he was comforting them and talking to them, as I am writing this I am getting teary that's the effect he left on me. He is so wonderful. He definitely loves what he does and there's no doubt in my mind that I am not the only patient that was ever left with this kind of impression of him. I want to say thank you so much and keep it up and God bless you.”

DAISY Award Travis Chapa

Travis Chapa, second from left, with: Tim Marks, ED Division Director; Mary Agnew, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer; and Martin Camacho, ED Nurse Manager