Quality Award Recipients

Rebecca Orischak

OTR/L, CBIS, Coordinator of Professional Development and Education, RHRW

From an inspired care team: “One day, Rebecca learned that her patient’s husband was just admitted to the main hospital on comfort measures with a poor prognosis. The patient was very upset and wanted desperately to have her sons bring her to be with her husband. Rebecca led a coordinated effort with the care team to adjust her therapy schedule, obtain a day pass from the Physician, and have the sons come early in the morning the next day to go over the necessary training to take their mother to the hospital for a visit at 9am. Only a few hours later, after the patient was able to visit her husband, Rebecca received a call from the patient’s sons who shared that their father had passed. The patient and her family were so grateful to staff for enabling them to be with their loved one for the last time. Rebecca expressed in an email sent to her coworkers in gratitude,

‘As I sit in my office wanting to cry, my heart is so warmed that we made it possible for her to get over and be with him in his last moments by having amazing hearts and great teamwork! It is moments like this that I am reminded of how we make a difference every day in the lives of those we touch. From our empathy and coordinated efforts we made it possible to ensure that our patient and her family could be with their loved one as he took his last breath. Her sons said they couldn’t thank us enough.’

Rebecca so clearly demonstrated our values in working with the entire interdisciplinary care team to provide a way for this patient and her family to attend to what really mattered- helping their loved one pass in dignity and surrounded by his family.”

The following employees received Gold Awards for being a part of the team that made this act of kindness possible:

  • Elissa Wismer, RN II
  • Jack Baker, RN II I
  • Megan Kozlowski, RN II
  • Benjamin Claus, Occupational Therapist
  • Jessica Chubb, RN House Supervisor
  • Jung Sun Yoo, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation