Quality Award Recipients

August 2020

Congratulations to Richard A. Close, MD, Spine and Brain, platinum winner of the August Quality Award!August Quality Award Winner

Testimonial from a team member:

“A motorcyclist came in from the field pretty banged up one weekend, and it looks like he is going to survive. Surprisingly, he was lifeless at the scene when our neurosurgeon Dr. Close, who had been grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant, heard the crash and ran out to him, rescuing him back to life with CPR and airway management. He was assisted by a former Reading Hospital OR nurse who was also at the restaurant. About the incident, Dr. Close said to 69 News, ‘I think the take-home message is that this is not a doctor thing. It [CPR] is not that hard. You will be enormously satisfied, and I have to tell you, it's not brain surgery.’ We are blown away by Dr. Close’s heroism and are thankful for all has done and continues to do at Reading hospital."


Thank you for going above and beyond to help this motorcyclist at the scene of his accident!

July 2020

Congratulations to Angela Yoder, RN V, MICU, N4S, platinum winner of the July Quality AwardQuality Award Winner July

Testimonial from a patient's family member:

"My sister, who was only in her forties, passed away in June. However, she received excellent care by Angela. Angela was very attentive to myself and my family’s needs as she was removed from the ventilator and placed on comfort care. Angela was thoughtful enough to listen to us through this terrible situation. My mother and I were talking about my sister being an organ donor. Angela was listening and she informed us that she was not able to donate internal organs due to her conditions. Although we felt disheartened, Angela offered to make a call for us, and later in the night, I received a phone call from Gift of Life who told us my sister was able to donate other portions of her body. Angela enabled my sister to help others with her passing. Angela is a wonderful nurse, and I appreciate everything that she did for my sister and my family during this tough time."

June 2020June 2020 Quality Award Winner

Congratulations to Kim Reeser, MSN, RN, CAPA, Unit Director – Perioperative Services Nurse Manager, Procedural Suite, platinum winner of the June Quality Award!

Testimonial from an inspired supervisor:

“We had a nursing home patient who was in need of a capsule procedure. Due to this patient’s illness, Kim personally took on coordinating the procedure to be completed in the transport ambulance prior to her appointment for dialysis. Kim and one of her Endo nurses completed the capsule procedure in the transport vehicle, preventing the patient from having to come into the hospital. And then the next day Kim went to Manor Care to retrieve the processor for evaluation. She spent hours collaborating with administration at Manor Care, Transportation, and staff to ensure this patient had the safest way of obtaining the care she needed from our Endo staff.”

Thank you for your dedication in helping this patient!

May 2020Quality Award Winner Jonalyn Horning, RN II, C1

Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for May: Robert Nystrom, Assistant Manager, Laboratory Central Processing

From am appreciative colleague: “Robert Nystrom, Assistant Manager, Laboratory Central Process and Referral Testing, has been working with several reference labs since the beginning of March to ensure that Tower Health is able to offer the shortest turnaround time possible for COVID 19 PCR testing. He consistently monitored turnaround times, was in constant contact with each reference lab, and negotiated pricing and test volume allowances. His dedication has resulted in a switch from Quest to Mayo, resulting in a minimum decrease of two days in resulting time, receipt of a 900-vial supply of sampling kits, and most recently a volume allowance increase of 100 samples per day. This volume increase has allowed Tower Health to partner with American Airlines as their designated employee testing resource. Robert puts in long hours every day and spends each weekend sending and receiving countless emails in order to make these things happen. Because of his efforts, our front-line caregivers are better able to care for our patients.”

Thank you to Robert for your hard work, and congratulations to all of April's awardees!

April 2020 Quality Award Winner Jonalyn Horning, RN II, C1

Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for April: Jonalyn Horning, RN II, C1

From am appreciative colleague: From an appreciative colleague: “Jonalyn possesses a caring spirit that goes far beyond what is normal or expected in her role as an RN. Not only does she exemplify caring and concern daily for each of her patients, she also does many extra things for her patients. One day recently she came in on her day off to visit a patient in his 70s who didn't have any visitors or family that we knew of. This man was one that society often turns from: grumpy, history of substance abuse, etc. Jonalyn, however, treated him with the courtesy and respect that all patients deserve. She went to Walmart prior to visiting him because he had confided that he didn't have clothing to go home in. She purchased, with her own money, shoes, pants, and a shirt, among some other clothing items, for him to go home with dignity in clean, new clothing. She then visited with the patient after gifting him with these items. He was so appreciative and was tearing up as he referred to her his ‘lifeline’. I am so impressed with her genuine caring spirit.”

March 2020Quality Award Winner Megan Dietrich

Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for March: Megan Dietrich, RN II, OR.

From a grateful colleague: “Recently, on a rainy, cold, and foggy day, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident with my young sonand baby on the way to a sporting event. While I was making sure my boys and the other driver were safe, Megan came to help. She introduced herself as a nurse who lived nearby and came to see if anyone needed help. I recognized her as an employee of Reading Hospital because I used to see her around in her blue scrubs. Megan and her husband suggested that I could move my car to their driveway to be in a safer spot to avoid another collision. While waiting for the police and tow truck, she came over and asked me if I needed anything for my boys or myself. I told her we were okay, that we would just wait in my car for the tow truck. She had gone into her house, but a little bit later she came out and gave me some water and invited me into her home while we waited. I accepted her offer and went inside since it was cold in the car, still raining, and being in the car was making my baby fussy. She welcomed us in and made us feel so comfortable in her home. I am grateful that she was there for us in that very scary moment. I feel that Megan deserves to be recognized for her selfless act of caring and kindness. She calmed me down and made me feel safe. She did not know us, but she cared for our well-being as I am sure she does in her role as a nurse to the patients at Reading Hospital. Thank you, Megan!”

February 2020

Congratulations to Reading Hospital’s two Quality Award Winners for February: Joycelean Jost, MBA-HC, BSN, RN-BC, Nurse Manager and Deborah Devine, LPN from the Family Health Care Center.

From an inspired colleague:

“One Friday evening, a physically disabled patient had just finished his appointment at the Family Health Care Center. Unfortunately, he missed his Special Barta transportation because his appointment had taken longer than expected. Being wheelchair-bound, the patient had no way of getting home. Joyce was called about the situation and returned to the office to help this patient get home safe. However, due to the late hours on a Friday evening, she was unable to find an available wheelchair van.Joycelean Jost and Deborah Devine

With some brainstorming and assurance that the patient would receive assistance to safely exit the vehicle at home, Joyce and Deb decided to attempt transportation with an Uber XL. They hoped the vehicle could accommodate the patient’s oversized, non-folding wheelchair. The first attempt took a great deal of time for Joyce to organize while Deb kept the patient and his caregiver company. The Uber vehicle arrived after waiting 30 minutes in the cold outside of the DOB, then the driver declined to take the patient home due to the difficulty of transporting him.

Disappointed, yet not discouraged, Joyce and Deb brought the patient back inside and Joyce went back to the drawing board. Finally, after continued efforts, a driver was willing to take the patient home. Joyce and Deb helped get the patient into the car to send him safely home. Joyce’s sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of our patients, even when it requires out-of-the-box thinking, shows just how much she cares. Deb was right alongside her, assisting every step of the way. The two stayed almost three hours over normal office hours on a Friday night to help this patient.”

Thank you to both Joycelean and Deborah for your compassion and empathy, and congratulations to all of January’s awardees!

We are currently accepting nominations for the month of February. Nominations can be sent as follows:

• Email to QualityAwards@towerhealth.org
• On the Reading Hospital website
• U.S. mail to: Reading Hospital; Quality Awards – C2; PO Box 16052; Reading; PA;

Submissions for February are due by February 29, 2020. Learn more about this program. We look forward to celebrating all that our employees do to make the Reading Hospital experience second to none.

January 2020

Jacquelyn M. Thomas, RN III, Emergency Department!

Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for January: Jacquelyn M. Thomas, RN III, Emergency Department!

From a grateful patient:

“Nurse Jackie is someone VERY special to me. We have known each other for one and a half years now and has seen me at my worst. This is the FIRST time she has seen me clean and sober. I was grateful to hand her my 24-hour and 30-day clean and sober key tags (coming up on 60 days). Nurse Jackie was in the ER almost every time I was admitted for meth abuse. No one trying drugs thinks they will lose it all and end up an addict in the emergency room, rehab, etc. but this is the sad reality of where we end up. An embarrassing handful of times I have been in the ER. No matter what time I was admitted, God always had me under her watchful eye. If her shift was over or she was called away, she would have another nurse stay by my bedside till I was out cold. I would always wake up to find a snack she would leave for me with an encouraging note … I have saved every one. Thank you, Nurse Jackie, for showing love and compassion to a complete stranger and addict. You make a difference and I am forever grateful."

Congratulations to all of December's awardees!

    December 2019

    Meghan E. Maclean, MD, Palliative Medicine

    Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for December: Meghan E. Maclean, MD, Palliative Medicine!

    From an inspired colleague:

    “I am pleased to nominate Dr. Meghan Maclean for a quality award. She was kind, empathetic, and compassionate towards a family who was in emotional distress as their loved one was actively dying. The patient's only child, her son, lived out of state and had not seen his mother for six years. Dr. Maclean contacted the patient's son, explained what was going on, and provided emotional support. Both the patient's niece and son were very appreciative that Dr. Maclean reached out to speak with the family at length. When I called the patient's son to offer my condolences, he said he felt peaceful because Dr. Maclean had put the phone to his mother's ear so he could say his goodbyes. He was convinced that his mother waited for him to tell her he loved her and goodbye before passing. This was a special act of compassion."

    November 2019

    Congratulations to our Quality Award Winner for November: Rebecca Orischak, OTR/L, CBIS, Coordinator of Professional Development and Education, RHRW!

    From an inspired care team:Quality Award Winner

    “A patient at the Rehab Hospital learned that her husband, who was on hospice with a poor prognosis, was admitted to the main hospital. The patient was very upset and wanting to go see her husband. Due to a coordinated effort led by Rebecca Orischak, the patient’s therapy and care was organized in a timely manner to allow the patients’ sons to take the patient to see her husband at the hospital at 9am the next morning. Only a few hours later, after the patient was able to visit her husband that day, the care team learned from the patient’s sons that the husband had passed after seeing his wife one last time. The patient and her family were so grateful to staff for enabling them to be there with their loved one during his last breathe, and treasure this last moment.”