Published on August 27, 2019

Up Front: Berks County's top 25 employers offers a glimpse of stability

Annual rankings have familiar companies at the top.


When it comes to jobs in Berks, you can count on stability with the county's largest employers. And considering the economic roller coaster that this region — not to mention the rest of the country — has had in recent decades, that's a good thing.

Reporter Brad Rhen has the annual list of the 25 largest employers in Berks County in this edition of Business Weekly, and as the headline states, the top placeholders are familiar faces.

It seems every time we've been producing this list, we see East Penn Manufacturing and Tower Health as the top two. Both provide, steady, well-paying jobs to thousands in Berks, and both have been expanding in recent years.

Diving deeper into the numbers, it was found that about half of the employers listed gained jobs; those included other Berks mainstays such as Carpenter Technology Corp., Penske Truck Leasing, Redner's Markets and Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center.

So it isn't a surprise that the county's unemployment rate is 3.6%, which is the lowest it has been in 19 years.

Considering that various factors are starting to cause some worries about another recession, the obvious question is whether we'll see similar optimism this time next year.

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