Nominated in May 2019, June 2019 Recipient (July 2nd ceremony)

On May 17th 2019 Holly Mays gave our 3 year old daughter Tessa the freedom to move her left hand and finger freely without struggle. Our daughter suffers from HIE and has struggled with some late fine motor delays in her left hand and particularly her left middle finger. Which prohibits her from grasping things correctly and fully opening her hand. Holly suggested we give Kinesio tape a try. I have never heard of such a thing and wasn't sure how tape would assist her; Holly explained it all. She ensured our daughter wouldn't have a reaction to the tape by placing a small piece on her for 30 minutes during our PT session, once she noted her skin was not irritated she applied the tape to her hand, arm, and finger. Almost immediately I was able to see she had full function of her hand for the first time in her life. I was in silent tears. When we got into our car, I was able to see her grasp her cup of juice for the first time with 2 full open hands without assistance, without reminder to open her hand. Tears of Joy! I immediately sent pictures to our family. We have been with 4 other physical therapists and 2 Pediatric Orthotist from CHOP and no one has been able to accomplish what Holly has. I am hoping this continues to work and trains her muscles. We cannot thank Holly enough! something so small has made such a huge difference in our lives. It will make an even bigger difference for our daughter once she is older and not having difficulties tying her shoe or buttoning shirts. She doesn't know now but I will make sure when she is old enough to understand that Holly Mays made a difference in her life!