Published on July 17, 2018

Reading Hospital to Debut New MRI Technology

New Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment that offers more comfortable testing and better imaging quality will debut soon at Reading Hospital. Beginning Wednesday, July 11 General Electric's Widebore Signa Artist Magnet, will be available for patient use at Reading Hospital. 

The new MRI technology will be more comfortable for patients and offer clinicians a wider variety of contrasts or better resolution, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional data.

The new scan technology offers patients:

  • A larger opening makes it easier for patients to slide in and out for scans and gives patients more room inside the machine.
  • A comfortable memory foam surface for the MRI table.
  • Soft lighting and soothing fans.
  • Two options that allow for feet-first or head-first entrance to make it easier to target specific scan areas, and allow clinicians to easily re-position a patient, that could both result in faster scans.

This new generation of MRI technology - available in our region only at Reading Hospital - is one more way that Reading Hospital is demonstrating its commitment to provide top-quality care to our patients.

MRI studies use radio waves and a strong magnetic field to produce very clear, multi-layered pictures of bones, organs and tissues. These studies assist your doctor in making a diagnosis and in planning treatment.