Published on September 20, 2016

Reading Health Physician Network OB/GYN Practice is First in Pennsylvania to Use Mobile App to Enhance Care for Expectant Mothers

Reading Health Physician Network (RHPN) All About Women, is the first OB/GYN practice in Pennsylvania to offer Babyscripts - an innovative digital health tool that monitors expectant mothers in low-risk pregnancies and sends pertinent health information to their physician. RHPN All About Women began offering the service on September 7.

Babyscripts enhances communication between expectant mothers and their physicians. Using the app, expectant mothers access their personalized care plan and guidance from their physician related to nutrition, exercise and other behaviors at each stage of the pregnancy. Expectant mothers also monitor their weight and blood pressure using Babyscripts equipment, and the information is available to them and to their physicians.

"We wanted to offer Babyscripts because we believe the tool will enhance the health of our patients and their babies," said Melissa DuBois, MD, one of the five physicians in the all-female practice. "The increased interaction and additional information that Babyscripts provides will enhance patients' understanding of each stage of their pregnancies and can enhance our communication and care."

After an expectant mother sets up her app, she receives a "Mommy Kit" with a wireless blood pressure cuff and weight scale, both of which are Internet-enabled. The patient receives regular reminders from the mobile app to use the equipment, which records the readings and other information onto the patient's profile on Babyscripts. Physicians monitor their patients' health and can contact them between appointments, if necessary.

RHPN All About Women received a grant from Reading Health System Foundation in June 2016 that allows them to provide this unique tool to their patients. The Foundation awards grants for innovation, education, and research projects that enhance the health and wellness for residents in the Berks County region.