Nursing Professional Practice

Reading Hospital Nursing – Achieving Excellence in a Patient First Environment

Excellence is defined by the ANCC Magnet Model, the gold standard for excellence in nursing. The Magnet Model components are standards of excellence that have been incorporated into our professional practice model. They are: transformational leadership; empowerment of nurses through shared governance, professional development, and recognition; exemplary professional practice, in which care delivery is patient centered; new knowledge and innovation that improves practice; and empirical outcomes that outperform national median benchmarks.

Patient-centered care environment is defined by our Relationship-Based Care model. Care is focused on creating the optimal healing and caring environment and experience for patients and their families. This is accomplished through strong collegial relationships among care team members and healthy self-care practices by care providers.

Our Professional Practice Model defines nursing practice and guides care delivery at Reading Hospital. It is the result of collaboration of nurses at all levels and in all departments where nursing is practiced. The components of the model are what constitute professional practice, no matter the setting or the specialty in which we work. It is congruent with our organization’s mission, vision, values, and Reading Experience standards. It directs the achievement of our nursing vision.