Nursing at Reading Health

Magnet® for You.

Proud to achieve Magnet designation for the highest quality of patient care and nursing excellence.

One of the greatest joys we experience as nurses is to learn how we transform the lives of those in our care. One patient recently wrote: I have been a patient in many hospitals and as someone infected with HIV I have not always been treated with compassion. My experience at Reading Hospital was quite different – never before have I been treated with such compassion, caring, and respect as I experienced in this hospital. You made me feel like a person again.

Mary Agnew, VP & Chief Nursing OfficerReading Hospital embarked on the Journey to Magnet Excellence® with a passion to build on its strong foundation, elevate practice, and achieve exemplary nursing care and outcomes. Our journey has been one of exponential growth, evolution, and revolution, inspired by learning, pride, commitment, support, and perseverance. We engaged in a searching and fearless examination of our practice to create a vibrant community of nursing practice.

Our transformation story comes to life on the pages of the Magnet document. The work itself, and the stories throughout our narrative, demonstrate a deep and inextinguishable passion for people and nursing care. It is the story of how our shared vision of excellence, coupled with fresh knowledge from outside healthcare, led us to a creative generation process that stimulated innovation and change [PDF]. We strive every day to achieve our vision of excellence in a patient-first environment guided by our professional practice model.

This is the gift we share with our community every day.


Mary Agnew, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer