Training Materials   

The U.S. Department of Education’s new Title IX Rule takes effect Friday, August 14, 2020. Pursuant to the new rule, colleges and universities are required to prepare and implement a wide range of new policy and procedural requirements. These requirements focus on the resolution of allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, and touch on nearly every aspect of the process, from the initial response to the management of appeals

 To assist institutions in their efforts to comply with the new rule’s requirements, Thompson Coburn’s Higher Education Practice created a six-part Title IX Training Series, which assists institutions to comply with the significant training requirements in the new rule. This online lecture series provides foundational training for those individuals who will be administering the new Title IX process, including Title IX coordinators, investigators, advisors, hearing officers and appeal officers. Thompson Coburn welcomes institutions to use the Title IX Training Series at their discretion, and to include the lectures on their external websites (as required by the new rule). RHSHS utilizes the following training modules from Thompson Coburn: