The Role of Title IX Coordinator   

The Director of the School of Health Sciences serves as the Title IX Coordinator for the School of Health Sciences. All incidents of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are reported to this individual who will then oversee the review, investigation, and resolution of all reports to ensure compliance with Title IX policy and procedure. All reports will be handled by designated school authorities who will work in consultation with the Human Resources and Security Departments of Reading Hospital.

Title IX Coordinator Contact Information

Dr. Debbie Rahn
RHSHS, School Director

The role of the Title IX Coordinator is devoted to carrying out the school’s commitment to providing a positive environment for the entire learning community. Specific responsibilities include addressing issues of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment and sexual misconduct within the school community and residence hall. These responsibilities are defined further as:

  • Being knowledgeable and trained to oversee, investigate, and resolve all reports of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, to include allegations of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence;
  • Discussing availability of support measures to the complainant with or without the filing of a formal complaint;
  • Consider the wishes of the complainant with respect to support measures;
  • Explaining the process of filing a formal complaint;
  • Responding to Title IX sexual harassment or sexual misconduct in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent, which means in a way that is not clearly unreasonable in light of the known circumstances;
  • Where appropriate, coordinating investigations with institutional human resources personnel, security forces and local law enforcement;
  • Tracking and monitoring of reported incidents;
  • Following the grievance process before imposing any disciplinary actions or sanctions that are not supportive measures, against the respondent;
  • Retaining student records in accordance with School policy;
  • Coordinating annual policy notification and training for students;
  • Maintaining and updating the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy