Advanced EMT Program

Pre-Admission Requirements

  • Submit application and $30 payment.
  • Submit copy of EMT certification card.
  • Submit copy of CPR card.
  • Satisfactory scores on web-based pre-entrance exam. Applicants must register through the Admissions Office and be prepared to pay $25.50 via credit card to complete the exam on testing day. To register for the pre-entrance exam, please contact or 484-628-0109.

Post-Acceptance Requirements

  • Complete the Confirmation of Enrollment Form and submit the $100 non-refundable fee due two weeks from date of official acceptance letter.
  • Complete the health packet and UDS testing step according to the deadline established by admissions. Submit documentation of health insurance, health screenings and immunization, including the flu vaccination, and UDS test/lab results.
  • Complete three different background checks – accepted students will be instructed to use our vendor and a specific package code to complete the following checks. The total combined cost of these checks is approximately $96.
    • Multi-level search to include PA State Police check and Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Scan
    • FBI Finger print
    • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Confirmed students will need to complete all the required online courses before the classes begin.
  • Additional information, if needed, will be communicated to applicants leading up to class start date.

AEMT Tuition

Applicants must be formally accepted to the AEMT Program by the Admissions Office before submitting the confirmation fee and/or tuition payment. Please do not pay these fees unless you have received written notice that indicates you have been accepted to the program.

Students who have been formally accepted have the option to pay their tuition in full or establish a payment plan by selecting one of the payment plan buttons above.

  • Tuition in Full: Due one week prior to the start of class.
  • Payment Plan Option: First installment due based on payment schedule.

Selecting either option and making your payment by the assigned due date will allow the student to attend classes and participate in tests, quizzes, and labs. Students unable to make their tuition payment will be dropped from the roster. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.

Sponsor Invoices

Sponsors requesting to be invoiced need to include their organization, address, email, contact person, and contact phone number on the or select "Yes" to receive an invoice in the sponsor section of the online application. All invoices are sent by the Student Accounts Office. If you have any questions please contact Steve Swan, Student Accounts Officer.


AEMT 2021/22 Tuition [PDF]

SOHS AEMT Program Effectiveness

Year Start Graduated First Attempt Pass (Cognitive) First Attempt Pass (Psychomotor)
2018 Spring 32 21 20 21
2019 Spring 4 3 3 3
2019 Summer 4 3 3 3
2020 Spring 10 4 3 3
2021 Spring 5 3 NA NA
2021 Summer 3 NA NA NA

Chestnut Hill AEMT Program Effectiveness

Date Start Graduated First Attempt Pass (Cognitive) First Attempt Pass (Psychomotor)
9/4/2020 24 22 11 13/13
3/31/2021 6 3 1/1 2/2


For more information, please contact the school at 484-628-0100 or 484-628-0109.