Congratulations to the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences Medical Lab Science Class of 2020! 

We are proud to share our Virtual Graduation from Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. Graduation is an amazing accomplishment…graduation in 2020 is an even more amazing feat. We have created this video to commemorate the accomplishments of the class of 2020 and we hope that watching this video brings some enjoyment to you during this unprecedented time. The faculty and staff of Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences is proud of each of our graduating students, and so happy to welcome them to their respective professions.

We thank Mr. John Weidenhammer, Chairman of the Reading Hospital Board of Trustees for their remarks and celebration of our Class of 2020’s achievements.


John Weidenhammer, Chairman Reading Hospital Board of Trustees

2020 Commencement Comments

John P. Weidenhammer

Reading Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program

2020 Commencement Comments

June 12, 2020



I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of what you have accomplished.  In this time of extremes brought on by the Coronavirus and general unrest, you have accomplished something significant and special.  While a virtual graduation is likely not what you expected, it is, nonetheless, a wonderful opportunity for reflection, celebration and looking ahead.

Be sure to take time to thank those that helped you along way to achieving this.  No one completes a journey like this on their own.  So, even in this time of social distancing, take a moment to reach out to family, friends, faculty, administrators and others with “virtual hugs” to say thank you for their support and encouragement.

Be sure to deeply celebrate what you have accomplished.  But, take some time to reflect on this experience and your hopes for the future.  Your personal dreams can be a powerful motivator.  I know that with planning, determination and follow-through, dreams can be realized.  Just as you dreamed one day about successfully completing this program, your life dreams can be achieved as well.

My hope is that you receive this message in a spirit of joy, hope and celebration.  This chapter of your life is now complete. Take a moment to deeply enjoy and relish your success.  Your determination, diligent preparation, perseverance and commitment have paid off.  On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees of the Reading Hospital, we cannot begin to tell you how pleased and proud we are of your accomplishments.

Not having a physical graduation is a big disappointment to me.  I was so looking forward to being together for the graduation ceremony and having the opportunity to speak directly to you.  You should know that had a physical graduation occurred, I would cherish hearing your name called and seeing your smile as you receive your diploma.

The Reading Hospital community is proud of you and what you have achieved.  Congratulations and Good luck!

Think Big!  Follow your dreams.

John P. Weidenhammer, Chairman

Reading Hospital Board of Trustees