Student Life

Our student development programs and services are designed around new student orientation schedules, academic needs, social interests, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities through various student organizations. Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in Alvernia University's community service initiatives, cultural events, and recreational activities. sohs student life image

All new students who have confirmed their orientation status through the Office of Admissions will be participating in new student orientation. Orientation is scheduled prior to the start of class and includes both academic and social activities meant to set students up for success from the start of the educational journey.

As a new student or returning student, we encourage participation in active learning experiences outside the classroom. To make the most of your enrollment at Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences, we encourage students to get involved, get fit, develop leadership skills, volunteer, or just relax at the local café! 

We encourage participation in the following student organizations:

Delta Apartments Residence Life Handbook

Learn more about resident life at Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences.

Download handbook [PDF]

  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)
  • Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
  • Medical Imaging Officers

All student organizations advocate student leadership development, student activity involvement, and diverse and culturally sensitive workshops. In addition, each organization strives to create an optimistic atmosphere of fun and respect for all students.

New RHSHS Housing - Delta Apartments Delta Apartments

Delta Apartments Welcome Video

Residence Housing Program

Off-campus housing is located within a mile and a half of the hospital campus. Delta apartment resident students who commute to and from campus via the hospital shuttle bus program.

If you’re a current resident student or a commuter who is considering a change in status, here are a few things to keep in mind about resident housing:

  • Seek clearance from student services before moving in.
  • Discuss things with your roommate, and if necessary, with a Resident Assistant.
  • Respect your roommate’s class schedule and study habits.
  • Identify pet peeves.
  • Acknowledge each other’s privacy concerns.
  • Share your likes and dislikes.
  • Take phone messages and relay them.
  • Review rules and regulations.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Educate your guests on rules and regulations.
  • Share your social habits.
  • Make the best of it. The most successful roommate relationships are those that require work!

If you would like to get involved in student activities, need to discuss resident housing details, or want to address housing issues, please call Student Services at 484-628-0104.