All billing and payments are processed by the Student Accounts Office (SAO) located on the first floor of Reading Hospital's School of Health Sciences (RHSHS).

Approximately 30 days prior to each semester, all students receive an email notification to their official RHSHS e-mail account when new charges for the semester are posted to their WebConnect account. New Students will be sent their statement notification to their personal email address while subsequent notices will be delivered to their school email.

NO paper bills will be mailed.

2020/21 Billing Schedule

Fall Charges Spring Charges Summer Charges

Bills emailed: July 15

Due Date: August 15

Bills emailed November 15

Due Date: December 15

Bills emailed: March 15

Due Date: April 15

Viewing Your Charges

Upon receipt of the billing email, students may view their current academic charges via WebConnect.

Included will be the amount due for courses enrolled, fees, expected aid (grants, accepted loans, or other financial assistance) that is available at the time charges are prepared. To view up-to-date account information, log in to WebConnect and select “Account Info” from the top menu and click “Account Balance.” The next screen will display your “Expected Balance” which is the current amount owed.

Note: If your balance has a minus (-) sign in front of the amount (E.g. -1,000.00) it means you have a credit on your account and you do not owe anything currently.

Parents & Guardians

For parents/guardians to inquire about your charges and payments, students must authorize access to them. Students will need to download and fill out the Authorization for Release of Information form and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Other Information

  • Students are expected to pay their tuition in full or sign up for the RHSHS Payment Plan Option (PPO) by the due date.
  • Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve the student from paying their bill by the due date.
  • For additional information, please refer to the School Policies and select #601 Tuition Payment.
  • Students are required to check their RHSHS email and WebConnect accounts regularly for updates.

If you need more information you can contact Steve Swan by email or call the Student Accounts Office at 484-628-0102.