For Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to our program!

There has never been a better time to pursue a career in healthcare. Today, our school continues the proud tradition of providing educational programs that develop skilled and compassionate professionals through outstanding academics and clinical experiences. The school's faculty members are all experienced practitioners. They are committed to helping students assess their abilities, meet their educational goals, and plan their professional futures.

Acceptance to your chosen program is exciting! To help you achieve final acceptance status in a timely manner, we strongly encourage you to start completing the post-acceptance requirements right away. The entire clearance process takes at least six weeks. If you need personal assistance at any point in the post-acceptance process, please call admissions at 484-628-0100 or 484-628-0109.

Post-acceptance Requirements and Checklist

As part of acceptance into a program of study, applicants receive an official "Accepted Student Packet" in the mail. Accepted students should begin working on the post-acceptance requirements and checklist soon after receiving the information. Please know that final acceptance is contingent upon completing all post-acceptance requirements and forwarding all paperwork included in the accepted student packet by all established deadlines.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Accepted students will have two weeks from the date of the acceptance letter to confirm the offer of admission. Please either complete the Online Confirmation of Enrollment form and submit it along with your non-refundable confirmation fee. You may also use the Confirmation of Enrollment form you received with your Accepted Student Packet and mail to the school with your payment.

Note: Fees vary from program to program. Visit Tuition and Fees page.

Background Checks

Accepted students are responsible for completing three background check via our third-party vendor Our school package code is RE66. The estimated cost to the student is approximately $100. Specific instructions regarding the process will be communicated to the applicant at the time of acceptance. It is advisable that applicants contact the school with any questions regarding positive results prior to confirming the offer of acceptance with a non-refundable fee.

The following record checks are required:

  1. Multilevel background search with PA State Police Clearance
  2. National Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Check
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance
  4. PA Child Abuse History Clearance

Health Evaluations and Immunization Records

Student health forms and instructions will be included in the accepted student packet. All forms must be completed and turned in at the time of the UDS (urinary drug screen) appointment with student health. For more information on health requirements, please review the student health services policy [PDF].

If you have questions pertaining to the health forms, evaluations, or lab work, please contact the Student Health Office at 484-628-8499 or

Health Insurance

Accepted students must show proof of valid health insurance as part of the post-acceptance procedure and while enrolled in programs requiring coverage. A copy of the health insurance card (front and back) must be submitted along with all other health forms at the time of the UDS (urine drug screen) appointment with student health.


New students are required to complete American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Professional (AHA-BLS) prior to clinical rotations. A copy of the card is required. The only acceptable CPR card is the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Professional (AHA-BLS).

Official Transcripts

Prior to enrollment, accepted students must complete their file with all finalized high school and/or post-secondary transcripts. To receive timely credit, the official transcript must be received by admissions  according to established deadlines and/or prior to enrollment in the program.