Application Process, Deadlines, and Extensions

Completing the Application

The school requires an application form and a $30 non-refundable fee. It is important for applicants to complete their admission file by providing all supporting documents in a timely manner.

An application is considered "complete" when all official transcripts, Online Applicant Reference Form, standardized test scores, essays, and copies of EMT or LPN licensure, if applicable, are received by the admissions office.

A transcript is official when it is in a sealed school envelope and it bears the official school signature and seal of the issuing institution or when it is submitted through an authorized electronic transcript service. Please note: Faxed or emailed transcripts would not be considered as "official" documents.

Please contact the school if you need to discuss the application process, deadlines, and official transcripts.

Our School Contact Information:

Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences
PO Box 16052
Reading, PA 19612-6052
Phone: (484) 628-0100
Fax: (484) 628-0134

Completed Application Deadlines

AEMT: November 15 - January Enrollment or March 15 for June Enrollment

Diagnostic Medical Sonography: June 1 or when qualified student capacity has been reached- January Enrollment 

Medical Imaging: April 15 or when qualified student capacity has been reached- January Enrollment

Medical Laboratory Science: October 20 - July Enrollment 

Nursing: February 1 or when qualified student capacity has been reached- August Enrollment 

Paramedic Education: June 1 or when qualified student capacity has been reached- August Enrollment

Surgical Technology: April 1 or when qualified student capacity has been reached- August Enrollment

Completing the Admission File

In keeping with a selective admissions process, we strongly encourage applicants to apply to the programs and "complete" their admission file well in advance of the stated deadline so that the admissions office can carry out the pre-screening step soon thereafter. Any misrepresentation or omission of facts or essential documents during the application process could delay the pre-screening step and delay applicants from advancing in the admission process.

Meeting Admission Requirements

Upon completion of the file, the admissions office will pre-screen all records to ensure that the applicant is meeting the minimum admission requirements to advance in the admission process. This is especially important when applicants are applying to programs that require pre-admission testing or interviews. To help applicants move through the process in a timely manner, we strongly encourage applicants to read over the applicant follow-up letters and contact the admissions office about outstanding materials. View our Selective Admissions Policy to learn more about our admission requirements and required support materials.

Please note: Admission to some of our programs may be highly competitive. Applicants need to be aware that meeting the minimum requirements does not assure admission to these programs.

Pre-Admission Testing

Pre-admission testing is required for applicants applying to the Nursing and Paramedic Education Programs. Admissions will pre-qualify applicants and send out testing registration materials accordingly. Applicants should not be completing the pre-admission examination unless notified by admissions to do so (pre-admission scores submitted without prior consent may be unacceptable). We administer the latest version of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS). Older versions of the exam and the score reports of the TEAS exam will not be accepted. To be considered for admission to the programs, all applicants applying for admission for August 2022 and admission thereafter will be required to take the latest version of the TEAS exam.

Please note: Qualified applicants who receive an invitation to test must notify Admissions if they choose to complete the exam at another test site. Admissions will not have access to TEAS exam scores completed off-site. You must contact Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) to have your score report sent to Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. There is a fee required at the time of the request.

Please don’t hesitate to call the Admissions Office at 484-628-0100 or email for assistance.

Starting the Application Process to Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences

Thank you for applying. This application takes about 15 minutes to complete. Before beginning, please have the following available:

A list of all high schools and post-secondary schools/colleges attended and dates of attendance

Current information, including address and phone number, and email.

Credit card

If paying by check or money order, please download the Remittance Form [PDF] and mail it with your payment.

You will be asked to agree with the following Statement of Understanding before submitting your application:

As an applicant to Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences, I signify that I have reviewed the admission policy on the website. Submission of my application indicates my understanding of all academic requirements and technical standards. I further signify that the information given is to the best of my knowledge, accurate, and correct. Permission is hereby given to Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences to investigate all pertinent information regarding my application. If accepted, I agree to inform the School of any changes to the information I have provided on the application prior to, and after acceptance into the School. I understand that giving false information or withholding information prior to or after acceptance into the School may make me ineligible for admission or to continue my enrollment at Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. The school reserves the right to deny admission or readmission or to revoke admission to any applicant if, in the opinion of the School, his/her admission is not in the best interest of the student or the School. I have read and understand the information included in the application. I understand that the application fee of $30 is non-refundable and required for processing.

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