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Patient Comment June 2019
The people in this office are the top of the line by far the best I ever had!
Patient Comment June 2019
This was my visit with this provider and I was well pleased.
Patient Comment June 2019
***Dr. Juliano was efficient and gave me good direction & education but wasn't real friendly. She didn't introduce herself to me and seemed rushed.***
Patient Comment May 2019
The service was extremely fast but thorough. The staff was extremely pleasant and easy to work with. The only thing about the experience that I needed more of was explaining next steps. When I needed blood work ordered, I wasn't sure what to do next to transition from the doctor to the blood work portion of the exam. I figured it out but was confused for a couple minutes.
Patient Comment May 2019
She listened and explained any concerns I had.
Patient Comment May 2019
My first visit and everyone was great!!
Patient Comment May 2019
She is very nice and helpful.
Patient Comment May 2019
everything was very good I have no complaints
Patient Comment May 2019
It was my first time with her. We just had difficulty coming to the same page. She did not seem attuned to my frustrations.
Patient Comment May 2019
This was my first time with this doctor; she was on time, she was very professional, and seemed to be very educated that was able to ask questions and she answered them; she was very friendly, that I felt like I could talk to her; she explained everything.....she took her time with me I was overwhelmed with her and the awesome dr. and awesome visit
Patient Comment May 2019
My doctor has recently left the practice. So, this was my first time seeing Dr. Juliano. She was very nice. I did not feel rushed. I asked many questions and she listened closely. She provided me with good advice.
Patient Comment April 2019
I only gave dr Juliano an 8 out of ten, because she is soooo. new and young. she may well grow into a ten. I have only seen her two or three times in last six months so it is a new relationship. she was kind, informative, caring. if I preface it with saying she is so new and young, I could say she was a ten out of ten. because I dont think she could start out any better.
Patient Comment April 2019
very sweet and made me feel at ease
Patient Comment April 2019
This was my third visit with Dr. Juliano and I am feeling much more comfortable than at first. I believe she has my best interests in mind and feel as though I am receiving a high standard of care with her.
Patient Comment March 2019
Dr. Juliano was GREAT about listening to my anxieties about reducing one of my medications. I know she spent extra time with me, and it was very appreciated.