Michael L. Sinitsa

Michael L. Sinitsa, MD




  • Family Medicine

Additional Languages

  • Russian


Medical School

Kishinevskij Medicinskij Institute


Saint Joseph Medical Center

Board Certification

  • Family Practice

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4.9 out of 5 (148 Ratings, 19 Comments)


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Patient Comment September 2018
I think he is a good doctor, he seems to care about your welfare and he is friendly and socialable
Patient Comment September 2018
I love my doctor. He listens to my concerns and my family history and is willing to get to the root of any problem I'm having. It is a good experience when I go to the see him(and his staff) so very friendly towards me!
Patient Comment September 2018
I've been going to this provider for many years. Always have a good experience. This last appointment I was kept waiting for an hour. It was due to circumstances beyond their control. They were apologetic and kept checking in on me. In all the years I've been going here, it is the first time a delay like this ever happened. I was fine with it. I was not in a hurry. It was end of the day. Except for this one occurrance, they are always prompt.
Patient Comment September 2018
Always a pleasure to work with Dr Sinitsa. I have been with the practice since they took over from Dr Gallen in the late 80's.
Patient Comment September 2018
not sure how long I been going there but I was at lot of doctors office they never really talk to u about health or be concern I like going here they relax u talk to u about your health very good service
Patient Comment September 2018
I have tremendous faith in him. I owe him my life. he's gone above of just care.
Patient Comment September 2018
Patient Comment September 2018
Dr. Sinista is the kindest, most caring and knowledgeable doctor I have been to see in a very long time. He treats my whole adult family.
Patient Comment August 2018
Dr Sinitsa is an excellent doctor
Patient Comment July 2018
love Dr Sinista
Patient Comment June 2018
Excellent care from Dr. Sinitsa.
Patient Comment June 2018
No problem he explained everything perfect, furthermore brought us an interpreter -
Patient Comment June 2018
very professional and caring
Patient Comment June 2018
I was recommended by a friend,and will definitely refer him to any of mine.
Patient Comment May 2018
He always is nice and takes time to explain things and listens and answers my questions.