Michael L. Sinitsa

Michael L. Sinitsa, MD




  • Family Medicine

Additional Languages

  • Russian


Medical School

Kishinevskij Medicinskij Institute


Saint Joseph Medical Center

Board Certification

  • Family Practice

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4.9 out of 5 (246 Ratings, 60 Comments)


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Patient Comment January 2019
Very good in all aspects!
Patient Comment January 2019
He is a good Provider
Patient Comment January 2019
*Dr. Sinitsa is very good doctor. He explains everything to me and I feel very comfortable going to him.
Patient Comment January 2019
always have had good experiences at this practice
Patient Comment January 2019
Provider kept interrupting me as I was describing my symptoms and took over the conversation---I need to be heard which I was taught is the most important component of the encounter.
Patient Comment January 2019
I have only good experience with my provider and the office team.
Patient Comment January 2019
I have been with *Dr. Sinitsa for very long time he was my husbands dr. before he passed away in 2010. He always has made our visits very friendly and informative.
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr. Sinitsa is the kindest doctor I know. He never rushes, will answer and explain any questions you may have and his attention is always on the patient and what he can do to help.
Patient Comment January 2019
Dr. Sinitsa took his time and talked about any issues I was having, he listened to what I had to say and gave me info on what I can do to better my health. To be honest I was going to find another doctor because of how rude and uncaring the office staff was, but I was amazed and very happy at how nice and friendly everyone was this time, what a big change in their attitudes. Whoever talked to them, kudos to you!
Patient Comment January 2019
Patient Comment January 2019
Patient Comment December 2018
excellent doctor and staff
Patient Comment December 2018
Dr Sinitsa is very caring & easy to talk to. I enjoy my visits with him & am confident in his medical knowledge.
Patient Comment December 2018
excellent doctor and nurses
Patient Comment December 2018
I love Dr. Sinitsa. He's the best!!