• Vascular Surgery


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Jefferson Medical College


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Vascular Surgery

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  • Am Bd Surgery (Sub: General Vascular Surgery)

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4.9 out of 5 (113 Ratings, 18 Comments)


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Patient Comment November 2018
My 1st visit with Dr. Lamb she is great ***
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr. Lamb gave me a diagnosis for the problem I've been having and made me feel relieved about having a path forward.
Patient Comment November 2018
Dr. Lamb is very professional and a clear communicator.
Patient Comment October 2018
Dr. Lamb and her staff are great. I had an appointment at 4 and I received a call telling me that she was running late and asked if I could come in at 4:30. I said absolutely and thanked them for letting me know. It was great customer service and I thanked them for calling me. I was able to stay at work longer and wasn't stuck sitting in their waiting room. I told a bunch of my friends about the positive experienced and highly recommend Dr. Lamb. In addition, her nursing staff is amazing and professional and nice.
Patient Comment October 2018
She was very professional and courteous.
Patient Comment October 2018
Very thorough explanation of CAT scan results.
Patient Comment October 2018
very good office visit feel very good about Dr Lamm I would let her operate on me anytime or anyone in my family or any of my friends not like the other dr I had before her so glad I didn't let him do the surgery
Patient Comment October 2018
Very good.
Patient Comment October 2018
My tests were given to the dr. who discussed them in detail eliminating a return in regards to this visit.
Patient Comment October 2018
very good
Patient Comment September 2018
I wish the provider would have sent a summary of the visit on MyChart so it could be reviewed by patient & family.
Patient Comment September 2018
This was my first encounter with this DR. She is replacing the Dr that retired. She did a very nice job with answering questions and my issues. My answers are based only one visit
Patient Comment August 2018
very helpful
Patient Comment July 2018
It was very good and I was glad to have them.
Patient Comment June 2018