• Cardiology

Additional Languages

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Pushto


Medical School

Ayub Medical College


Lehigh Valley Health Network


Lehigh Valley Health Network, Cardiology
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Vascular Medicine

Board Certification

  • Internal Medicine
  • Subcertification: Cardiovascular Disease

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4.9 out of 5 (58 Ratings, 26 Comments)


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Patient Comment October 2019
Excellent foundation of knowledge. I would be happy to see him again
Patient Comment October 2019
Being a retired LPN Travel Nurse I was impressed with this Doctor and his approach to a new patient, taking the time to make sure I understood what was needed in my care,and necessary for him to provide the best care possible.
Patient Comment September 2019
He was very easy to talk with about my concerns.
Patient Comment September 2019
This provider was one of the most professional doctors I have seen. He was contacted by my family doctor and it was a very good choice. He was very informative.
Patient Comment September 2019
All my visits with *Dr. Saif have been excellent. He is a genuinely caring doctor. I particularly like the way he listens to my concerns and responds to them. My wife, when I take with me to my appointments feels the same as I do about *Dr. Saif. She also has questions for *Dr. Saif and he takes the time and treats her with great respect in answering those questions.
Patient Comment September 2019
really liked this doctor! made me feel very comfortable & he explained things in a way I'd understand. also made me laugh! nice experience.
Patient Comment August 2019
This doctor explained things in a way that I understood what was going on with my health. He answered all my questions and did take enough time with me. He didn't rush. I would recommend him to others.
Patient Comment August 2019
When I was referred to this provider was told everyone likes him. He is very thorough & explains diagnosis & condition in a "laymen's term." Dr. calls me after tests or gives responses on "MyChart."
Patient Comment August 2019
I was impressed with the time that my doctor spent explaining my condition. This was superb and much appreciated.
Patient Comment August 2019
Excellent care. I don't like the doctor being subjected to this kind of survey by the patients. The patient's personality traits must be taken into the report. Some people have personality disorders or traits that make them more negative or positive than others. They are like this at the grocery store, pharmacy, everywhere. So watch out for these patterns in patients!!
Patient Comment August 2019
Very nice person
Patient Comment August 2019
This was an unexpected call and appt. The provider went over and above to see me ASAP! Thank you Dr Saif
Patient Comment August 2019
One of the nicest drs. I've ever had. Young dr. new to me only saw him once before this appointment. He was kind and interested in ME. Important!
Patient Comment August 2019
I had a very good experience and he was very knowledgeable. Pleasure to have conversation.
Patient Comment July 2019
Dr Saif is a very kind compassionate man. His knowledge of Lymph Edema & Lipedema are so important. he is an asset to the cardiology practice!!