Pathway Initiatives

Our Pathway Initiatives were created to expose area students to the many healthcare careers available in our system. We are committed to helping students throughout our community succeed both academically and professionally. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in our nation, and there is a critical need to increase the number of students pursuing careers in the field.

Hospital-Based Programs

Through these programs, we bring students to Reading Hospital for a unique, hands-on learning experience.

Connected Learning Programs

These programs use technology to bring knowledge and resources directly to the classroom.

Sianny Starks


"I interned in the Emergency department for six weeks during summer break and I must say it has been one of the most fulfilling phases of my life. From helping to save lives to seeing the long-term effects of partaking in subtle harmful habits, it has been very adventurous and informative. The conversations I've had with doctors, nurses and patients have also affected my perspective on life and career decisions." – Sianny Starks (Former Reading High Intern/ Penn State Student Intern)

Collen Borian

First-Hand Experience

“When I was first introduced to this specific internship I was not sure if it was for me because I had no interest in working in the medical field, but now that I have seen first-hand how many ways the hospital helps the community I would love to work in healthcare” – Collen Borian (Wilson High School Intern)

Piya Pillai

Tailor-Made Opportunities

“From what I’ve seen, careers in healthcare are so varied that you can find just about any career in the field that is almost tailor-made for what you might want” – Piya Pillai (Wilson High School Intern)