Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much can my organization request?

Grant awards will not exceed $15,000.

Q2. What type of application assistance does Reading Hospital provide?

Limited support will be available. Written requests/questions are required. Questions may be submitted to To ensure a timely response, write “BWB Questions” in the subject line.

Q3. What is the purpose of the letter of intent? Do I have to wait for an invitation to apply?

The letter of intent provides a brief summary of the applicant’s proposal. The letter of intent should be no longer than one page. While the LOI is required, approval to apply is not needed. Organizations should not expect to receive feedback regarding the LOI.

Q4. Will there be site visits?


Q5. If successful, can awardees expect additional funding beyond the initial 12-month period?

The Be Well Berks program will award one-time funds. Availability of future funds has not been determined at this time.

Q6. Will my application be considered if there are no community partners listed?

Priority will be given to organizations that demonstrate a willingness and history of collaboration.

Q7. How many applications can my organization submit?

Organizations may submit up to two proposals. However, only one project will be funded.