Be Well Berks Grant Program

The "Be Well Berks" Grant Program is an initiative designed to simultaneously fund community health projects and enhance collaboration among local nonprofit grant winners and Reading Hospital. The purpose of the “Be Well Berks” Grant Program is to address the priorities identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment: Obesity, Access to Care, Addiction and Mental Health. Applicants’ proposals must address at least one of these priorities.

The program was launched by Reading Hospital’s Community Health Department, and supported by the Community Benefit Committee of Reading Hospital’s Board of Directors.

Funding and Projects

With $200,000 allocated for Be Well Berks, applicants will be considered for funding if the project closes gaps in medical care or addresses barriers to health for populations whose high-risk, vulnerable members have challenges such as obesity, chronic disease, substance abuse or mental illness. Grants will also be considered for projects that address health needs in communities or segments of populations with a common set of challenges.

A Be Well Berks award is a small, non-recurring grant designed to provide seed funds to start a small project or assist with the expansion of an existing project. Expansion is identified as:

  • New method to deliver existing services
  • New community and/or geographic area
  • New service or component of existing program
  • New client population


Applicants are encouraged to read the 2016 Community Health Implementation Plan. Priority will be given to proposals that either closely align with the strategies outlined in this plan or develop new and creative strategies to address the identified health priorities in the needs assessment.

Applicants are expected to be in (or create) partnership with others doing the same or similar work, be willing to participate in a shared community agenda, and use collaborative strategies. Reading Hospital is not using the traditional funder-grantee paradigm; rather, Reading Hospital is seeking to be a partner in this collective.

The following will not be considered for funding:*

  • Applications for political or religious purposes or programs requiring religious participation
  • Capital expenses, construction projects, and purchases of large equipment
  • Applications seeking funding to replace lost or decreased funding or to reduce debt
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals
  • Advertising/marketing costs
  • Athletic teams, school activities, etc.
  • General operating expenses
  • Match funding

*This is not an inclusive list.

Learn more about the application process.