Community Health and Wellness

At Reading Hospital, we are constantly working to meet our motto of "Advancing Health. Transforming Lives." The mission of Community Health is to improve the health and wellness of Berks County residents of all ages by utilizing system resources and partnering with community organizations and businesses. It is our hope that our health programming will empower people to manage their health and that it will inevitably transform lives.

Our priority areas, defined by the 2013 Berks County Community Health Needs Assessment are Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, Mental Health, and Obesity. We have defined projects and programs that are being developed, implemented and evaluated throughout the next three years to impact the health and wellness of our community.

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Community Health and Oral Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessment

– The purpose of the needs assessment is to identify and prioritize community health needs so that community organizations can develop strategies and implementation plans that benefit the public as well as satisfy the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for the two hospitals.

The CHNA defined the following as priorities:

Target 1: Access to Essential Health Care

  • Primary care and specialty care;
  • Mental health services, including psychiatrists;
  • Early prenatal care, particularly for Black and Hispanic/Latina women; and
  • Patient navigators and case managers to assist at‐risk populations in circumventing barriers to accessing essential health care.

Target 2: Enhance Personal Health Behaviors

  • Developing strategies to address adolescent pregnancy, particularly in the City of Reading;
  • Assisting smokers in quitting;
  • Addressing obesity, especially in children; and
  • Developing a concerted effort to reduce binge drinking in the County as a whole.

Oral Health Needs Assessment [PDF]

2013-2016 CHNA Implementation

Community Health Implementation Plan

In order to meet the needs identified in the needs assessment, the Health System’s implementation plan focused on supporting the formation of a Community Health department whose purpose is to: address health needs identified in the CHNA; coordinate internal community outreach efforts; and assist with resident placement/research activities in the community. The Community Health department will focus on the following priorities: Primary: Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, Mental Health, and Obesity; Secondary: Heart Disease & Stroke, Diabetes, and Access to Services; and Tertiary: Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Health Communication, Health Status Monitoring, and Tobacco Use.

Partnership For A Healthier Berks County

The Community Health department has partnered with the Friends of Reading Hospital to support the Partnership for a Healthier Berks County program, which encompasses pilot projects aimed at achieving better health outcomes for the Berks County Community.

Health Campaign Materials

Street Medicine Program