Program Features

Transitional Year Program FeaturesConferences and Meetings

As a new resident, you will attend the Summer Survival Lecture series that will strengthen your patient management skills. The regular conference schedule includes rotating topics in general internal medicine, subspecialty medicine and ambulatory medicine. Small-group meetings with attending physicians are routine.

Curriculum of Experiences

You’ll acquire knowledge and hands-on learning working in a variety of areas—inpatient services, subspecialty medicine, ambulatory care, and consult services—and through electives. You can individually tailor your block experiences to suit your professional goals.

Library and Communication Services

Access to a comprehensive, multisource learning facility with 10,000 volumes, 200 periodicals and a computerized research center with multiple databases as well as a computer link to smaller clinical collections.

Research Opportunities

If your work is accepted, arrangements can be made to present original research at a regional or national conference.


Fully approved by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education.