With only four resident classmates at each level, you will have greater opportunities to learn, develop professional relationships, and benefit from your residency experience. The core curriculum is covered during over 20 hours of protected conference time per month along with many other educational opportunities (see below).

We have a rotation schedule that allows our residents to progressively increase their knowledge, responsibility, and autonomy.

Our extensive conference schedule topics are based upon CREOG learning objectives and the subjects covered on the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology examination.

Conference Schedule

Our extensive conference schedule provides varied topics with the expectation that residents attend and actively participate. Protected education time is provided to our residents daily from 0700-0800. The core lecture series occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 0700-0800. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are dedicated to Morning Report, at which time current patient cases or other educational topics are discussed in an interactive learning environment.

Topics are based upon CREOG learning objectives and the subjects covered on the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology examination topics. We follow a two-year cycle, so each resident is exposed to two complete cycles during the course of the four-year training program.

Rotation Schedule

First Year

Four week: Orientation block

Two weeks: Triage/Ultrasound

Three weeks: Emergency Department

Three weeks: Reproductive Endocrinology/Research

Three weeks: Gynecology

Three weeks: Oncology

Eight weeks: Ambulatory

Eleven weeks: Obstetrics

Eleven weeks: Night Float

Second  Year

Three weeks: Reproductive Endocrinology

Six weeks: Ambulatory

Nine weeks: Obstetrics

Twelve weeks: Night Float

Twelve weeks: Gynecology

Six weeks: Maternal Fetal Medicine 

Third Year

Three weeks: Obstetrics

Three weeks: Elective

Nine weeks: Gynecology

Six weeks: Ambulatory

Six weeks: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Nine weeks: Gynecology

Nine weeks: Oncology

Four weeks: Night Float

Five Weeks: Urogynecology (split with either Research or REI)

Five Weeks: Reproductive Endocrinology (Split with URO for two weeks)

Fourth Year

Thirteen weeks: Gynecology

Thirteen weeks: Obstetrics

Ten weeks: Night Float

Six weeks: Urogynecology

Three weeks: Oncology

Three weeks: Ambulatory